Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Fabulous fabric bargains ...

I'm always looking for fabric to use for patchwork/rag rugs etc., I refuse to buy new off a roll, to me it's a complete waste of money, you get so much more from a duvet cover or sheets.  I love to see all those cutesy 'fat quarters' though, but would never buy them.  I also love used fabrics because they soften with wear and have that vintage 'lived in ' look which I find makes a home look like  home.  I'm afraid to touch stuff made with new fabrics let alone use them !

Anyway, I got these yesterday from the charity shops:

Isn't this just gorgeous ?  it's a quilted single bed cover, looks like it hasn't been used.  It's the perfect size for throw for an armchair or a summery table cloth.  It would look lovely for a table cover for a BBQ in the summer.  Ah yes, I can see it now, the table will have this cover on it, very old wooden slatted chairs with  hand embroidered cushions would be arranged around an old metal table, candles would burn in home made jam-jar (canning) containers.  The BBQ would be behaving itself, the food would be cooked perfectly, the would be no spills to damage the cloth, soft 'folksy' music would play in the background (probably Enya), pretty little seed lights would festoon the trees and bushes, and to complete the scene, I would be floating around in a full-length flowing vintage Laura Ashley dress, perfectly tanned sipping a glass of wine.

Right, back to reality, here's some more pictures of the detail :

This definitely is not destined to be cut up !  -  £2.00
Now for something completely different ...  a fantastic deep, dark, 'mysterious' looking single quilt cover, lots of useable fabric, a fantastic deep red ribbon band and just look at that applique work - be still my racing heart !  it has sequin trim too, this is going to be used in my 'altered couture' work, I have plans for it already.

Never mind the creases, I just pulled it out of the bag.  It's deep purple by the way.

Next I got two - yes two! - king sized quilt covers in this pretty rose print, patterned on both sides so very useable.  The woman in the shop knows I upcycle stuff and asked if I would be cutting them up, when I said I would, she went in the back and brought 4 pillow cases to match, they weren't included in the sale because they had a little wear, but that's no problem, I can cut around it.  A bonus !
£1.00 each !
and finally, last but not least, this pretty necklace :
Lots of potential here, 5 rows of shell beads, leather thonging and silver coloured jump rings.
All in all a good haul don't you think ?


  1. great buys, glad you're not cutting up the first quilt though as it's so pretty as is.

    1. I know, its lovely isn't it ? just my colours too.

  2. Great bargains there Wean, if I did not have such a stash I would be feeling quite green with envy. I do buy new fabric, when it is at a price that I am willing to pay. I do prefer to recycle though, all my recent makes are backed with parts of curtains, the firmer fabric means that they hang better.

    1. I have a pair of plain cream curtains here that I intend to use for just that purpose.

  3. Hi Wean

    A lovely little haul and at good prices. The first quilt is too good to cut up and I like the pattern a large block surrounded by sashing and then four little patches. Nice and simple. I look forward to seeing what you make with the purple and I love the rosebud print on the rest of the bedding. Its good to refind and relove something. I have been buying shirts for my first patchwork quilt and am slowly stripping them down into usable pieces of fabric. So far I have stripped four shirts down this week - still a fair way to go though so it is very much a WIP. I agree that with used clothing it gives a softer more subtle finish that blends in beautifully. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    Take care



    1. What's sashing ? ha ha, I love patchwork but don't know the names of the elements/techniques. Mine is more random, rectangles joined unevenly. I don't have the discipline to make a large uniformed piece I'm afraid.
      I also 'deconstruct' mens shirts, there's a lot of fabric in them isn't there ? I always check the 'reduced' rail for them, in extra large sizes, so there's more fabric to play with.
      thanks for visiting.

  4. Oh Wean! What a good shopping day for you! That first quilt with the pink roses is beautiful...I like everything you found. Can't wait to see what you do with the purple fabric. Makes me want to head out to the thrift store!

    1. I feel like I've won the lottery when I get bargains like this ! trouble is I need a 48 hour day to do all I want too.
      Hope you are well.



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