Monday, 30 March 2015

I don't know what to spend my money on ... !

No I haven't suddenly won the lottery !  I'm talking about Sainsburys promotion on at the moment where they will double up on Nectar points.

I have £129.00 on my card, I don't spend much at all as you've probably guessed, but it's mounted up quite quickly because I use their money saving coupons plus double points on petrol.

I was going to use it at Christmas, but I didn't need too, and anyway I would like to use it for something I need myself.  So that means I could buy items to the value of £258.00 - wow !  That's household, entertainment and clothing.

I've had a think and a look around Sainsbury's but there's nothing I need right now.  My microwave could do with replacing for cosmetic reasons, but it's still working perfectly, so I'll hang on before changing that.

What I would like is a mini-oven like this :

I'm not fussed about having rings on top, I only use one usually for my steamer, but  I would like one with a grill.  The cooker in my rented home is on it's last legs and the grill doesn't work, so that would be nice but I don't think Sainsbury's stock them, at least mine doesn't, I'll have to check online.

Anyway, at the moment I'll just keep adding to the points until I need something else.

It certainly is a great offer, I'm sure it will be repeated in a few months time.


  1. we call those toaster ovens in Canada. I LOVE mine and wouldn't do without it.

    1. I would love to be able to 'brown' things again, so hope I can get one soon

  2. A mini oven is a great idea, will help save you money

    1. It doesn't look like I will get one for free, i.e. from Sainsbury's points though, I checked again and they don't stock them. I'll have to think of another way. I'm really set on one now.

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