Sunday, 8 March 2015

I know I said I wasn't going to - but I couldn't resist, and some upcycled legwarmers ...

I posted about these wristwarmers/texting gloves a short while ago ...

I said that in spite of loving the finished technique, I wouldn't be doing anymore for a while because they were too time consuming and fiddly - I lied.
I found this wool in my stash recently, (Thug is guarding it whilst keeping an eye on my car)
Now I don't usually like 'space died/rainbow effect' wool in knitting, I think it looks cheap and naff quite honestly, but look what happens when you take a crochet hook to it ...
I absolutely love them ! so much so, I did it again ...
Isn't this a great dramatic colour-mix ?
All destined for Etsy.
I dragged myself away from crocheting and made these next
These are upcycled sleeves from a pretty sweater that I had in my wardrobe.  Every component part tells a story, which I like and which I will include in the Etsy description.
The trims, which are removeable, consist of feathers, wooden beads, muslin cloth, leather thonging and beads from a vintage necklace.  They could be clipped onto a coat or sweater or even a hat or bag.
I'm pleased with my weeks work, I hope someone else will like them enough to buy them !
It's chucking it down here, so I'm off to get the dinner on, then later, I'll get this little lot onto Etsy.  As usual, if anyone wants to buy any of my creations but doesn't want to go through Etsy, use the contact details at the top of the page.


  1. I do like the upcycled ones very chic, I hope they all sell fast for you :-)

  2. Thank you - I've enjoyed making them.

  3. I do like the colours. I hope they sell soon.

    Gill in Southern Ontario

    1. Thank you Gill, it's quite an addictive stitch to do. I'm planning other stuff !



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