Sunday, 22 March 2015

It's difficult to get any work done here ...

Well after yesterdays post about not getting anything done because of feeling guilty, I have another problem:

I only got up to put the kettle on and Sopicat decided I wasn't going to do any more work on the computer.

Nope - he's not moving.

This is the cold shoulder treatment -   I did manage to get a cushion under him though to stop him damaging the laptop.
Only one thing for it then - food.  No I don't usually feed him on the sofa but needs must !   Notice the scratched sofa character of the sofa ?
Just when I thought I could get some work done, I noticed this:
Rasputin (aka Thug) decided to make a nest in my box of knitting wool
Nope - I'm not coming out - handle it !
  You can see my latest knitting project in the background of these two pics.  More of that soon.
Going back to yesterdays post, thank you to those who posted a reply, I'm amazed that  other ladies had similar experiences to me.  Carrie left a very profound comment, pop back and have a look if you have time.


  1. Cats are so funny. I think they know exactly what they're doing. They know how to get their way by being cute. Oh have you ever noticed the gashes and scratches in our leather sofa? And I'll probably never get to buy a new one! You've probably posted this before, but how old is Sopicat?

    1. Sopicat is over 20 years old now so by virtue of that, he gets away with anything !

  2. Cats are so funny!
    Francesca (Tasmanian Minimalist)

    1. my lot rule here, I am their slave.



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