Sunday, 1 March 2015

My new (to me) crochet technique, and Lady Leah 1 shares a cup of tea ...

Well here is the crochet technique I've just mastered.  It's called crocodile stitch or scale stitch.

I put off learning it because it looked fiddly and time consuming.  I was right.  On both counts.  It's not difficult, anyone with a knowledge of crochet could do it, but fiddly it is.

Here is the start, the frustrating 'getting to grips with the technique' stage.

A little further down the road with a couple of colour changes.

I made these wristwarmers/fingerless gloves or the buzzword is now 'texting gloves' isn't it ?

I do like the finished effect and will use this technique again, but probably next time I'll just make the cuff part in crocodile stitch and have a plain hand section either crocheted or knitted.  The opening for the thumb is discreetly hidden which I like.

My head is buzzing with colour schemes for this stitch.  It makes a really firm fabric which would be suitable for bags, purses, collars and cuffs.  I saw some pictures of a shawl and a poncho made using this technique - no way would I have the patience for those -  I like everything done yesterday !

Do you like them ?  They're going over on to my Etsy shop.  If I were  younger I would wear them, but my old gnarled hands wouldn't do them justice !

I've more items to go on Etsy but I get fed up of listing, I'm very impatient.  I'm the same with Ebay.

Here is Lady Leah1 sharing a cup of tea with me today.

You can just make out she's dipping her paw in the cup and tasting it !  don't worry I didn't finish drinking it after her !  Itty the Kitty isn't impressed.

If anyone is interested in any of my items on Etsy but doesn't have an account, just contact me.

Hope you all enjoy what's left of the weekend.

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  1. love those and love the different colours. It makes me question whether I should try to crochet first? Rather than the knitting class?



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