Friday, 13 March 2015

Some own-brand bargains and my thoughts today ...

If I can't get items reduced then I buy 'own brands', here a few I got today.
Disinfectant, cream cleaner, gravy granules, jam and yoghurt -  the lot for under £2.

I also buy 'own brand' bottled water
This is only 17p a bottle, I've tried the more expensive and quite honestly, I can't tell the difference.  Also it works out cheaper buying several smaller bottles than one of those big square ones, they're very heavy to handle as well.
It's been a grey sort of day today, with a definite melancholy feeling in the air.  (or perhaps it's just been the way I've been feeling today)
Yesterday I posted about having missed a local Alpaca show, and how upset I was about it.  Dawn very kindly said I could go over and see hers sometime, and I will look forward to that and meeting the lady herself of course.  But it got me to thinking, well, reminiscing really, on how much I miss that life, especially all my animals, sheep, goats, chickens and ducks, quail, rabbits and of course cats.
I won't pretend it was an easy life, but it was a very rewarding one.
Life in the country isn't all roses around the door, the countryside can be a very cruel place too.
I had just got my organic veggie box business off the ground when I had to leave.  I have some pics somewhere, I'll have to scan them in and post them, I didn't have a digital camera then.
I made wine (and drank it too) pickled, preserved, bottled and canned with the rest of them.  I can't do any of those now, you need space and storage and I don't have either.  I can't bake either because the cooker here doesn't work properly and the landlord won't replace it.
I do work on my crafting though, and that keeps me more than busy while dreaming.
So I don't want to sound too sorry for myself because I have a roof over my head, I can pay the bills 'almost' straight away, I have a reliable car, and of course I have my beloved cats.
but ... 'I have an emptiness deep inside, I've tried but it won't let go ...'  cue Nial Diamond song - ha ha.


  1. I am missing living in the countryside with no neighbours; but it was a lot harder work hauling in logs everyday and blowing out the driveway when it snowed and the huge heating and electricity bills..........but I do miss living in the countryside....LOL

    1. yes, there are problems, but worth it I think.

  2. The value brands are so cheap, I am going to try a few more each time we go shopping,we do buy bottled water, I am a big water drinker and cannot stand tap water, I used to buy the value ones but we found a local supplier and we buy in bulk, we have cases and cases in the garage.

    1. The tap water here has a disgusting taste.

  3. Sorry you are feeling down in the dumps Wean, maybe when the weather stays warm it will lift your spirits to see the flowers and trees in bloom !
    Treat yourself to a nice custard tart and a pot of tea, with your feet up ;)

    1. I never say 'no' to a cup of tea ! I drink enough to float a battleship !
      thanks for visiting.



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