Monday, 23 March 2015

Spring Cleaning, (lack of) gardening and other stuff ...

I'm not talking about housework type spring cleaning, but computer cleaning.  I checked all the stuff I have stored on this little laptop and it's mind-boggling.  I'm always complaining about the slow speed and response of my LT and I'm sure all this stuff is clogging up the works.

So I've done a de-frag as well as empty the mail boxes, I keep up to date with the inbox, but the spam and deleted stuff was chockablock !  so all that has gone too.

Next was the pictures I have stored on here - Oh Lordy, I must get something done with them all.  I've deleted the zillions of pictures I've taken of stuff for Ebay, and loads of motivational stuff I steal collect from the net but I have loads of personal pics too that I must sort.  I need to learn how to transfer them all on to a disc, I don't have a clue how to do that, and I don't have the patience to look it up either, I'm not the most patient person, I get angry and frustrated if I don't know things 'yesterday', tomorrow won't do.

Then there's the shortcuts !  oh dear, the shortcuts.  I never add anything to my favourites because I never look in there, instead I add a shortcut to the screen 'cos it's quicker to access.  My screen was FULL of them.  In the past I've had so many they've spilled over into the margins.  I put stuff into folders and still have loads.  There's so much of interest on the www isn't there ?  so much to learn and research so I add a shortcut so I don't lose it.

Anyway I think it's a little bit faster now.

Gardening, or lack of it.  I love growing my own food as much as possible and at one time had my own veggie box scheme up and running.  However since living here I've realised I'm wasting my time, money and effort trying to grow anything.  The ground is always soggy and spongy due to the level of the water plain (sp?) and everything I've tried to grow here for the last three years has been drowned or rotted away.  It doesn't help either that all the houses around me are slightly raised and all excess water drains into my garden.

 Everything that is except a thornless blackberry I bought from the smallholding and several raspberries, they seem to like wet feet roots and have thrived, so at least I have lots of soft fruit for the freezer.  I have ornamentals and trees in pots waiting for my move, but just no room for veggies or salads in pots or anywhere else for that matter, so it's very frustrating at this time of the year when so many bloggers are posting about how well their seedlings are doing etc. etc.,

I suppose I could always grow rice ... ? 

or keep ducks ... ?
I love these Muscovy ducks, they grow quite big, but are lovely natured, also they don't quack as such, they hiss, but not in an aggressive way.  They lay lovely eggs too.  When I lived in the country I had a Muscovy duck go missing and thought the worst, that a fox had got her, but one day she appeared waddling across the lawn with a 'crocodile' of tiny ducklings behind her !  she had hidden at the back of the barn to hatch and protect her brood.  Somewhere I have pics of them and one day I will get around to sorting them out.
Here's some stuff I made some time ago with the intention of putting into the Etsy shop, but I put them in a safe place and them forgot where they are !
A set of place mats I made from squares of denim with applique hearts on, they have wadding in the middle and a lining
A couple of lined peg bags
They're around somewhere but no idea where !
Note to self:  next house must have a spare bedroom (or two) an integral garage, a utility room, a garden shed or cabin and a store room.  (in my dreams!)


  1. forget a spare bedroom, garage etc, just go for the cabin, I can honestly say that I would love one, but will not give up on the garden space. The dining room is my "indoor cabin". Is your move very far away.

    1. Hi Pam, I would love a cabin, but if there is a spare room at my next property, that will do.
      My move is not yet sorted, here is the reason why :

  2. Spring always means "cleaning out", but in these days of the Internet there is much more sorting to do.

    1. I still can't believe how clogged up my computer was.


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