Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The big reveal ... !

I've been working on a 'raggy' project for a while and now it's finished, I can show you.

This is where it started, gathering the materials and cutting into strips ready to start.  In this project, I also incorporated some handspun Norwegian Lopi wool.

Under production - you can see now it's a knitted project.  I started tearing the strips but that just produced too many hanging threads.  I  like to leave them for texture and 'character' but they were too  long and getting tangled in my fingers, so I started cutting the rest.  The preparation takes the most time in this type of work.
Almost there.  The colours are black/pink/burgundy, it looks purple, but it isn't.
Here it is looking very mysterious - ready to be unveiled.
Ta - Dah
A close up showing the heavily textured fabric produced.
The back view, mostly knitted plain hardly any loose ends, just across the bottom border, this is for comfort in wear.
I've enjoyed making this.  It's definitely different, and there will never be another one made !
The fabric is silky, with cotton contrasts.  Upcycled and prewashed.
I can see this being worn by a young woman/girl on a beach over a bikini, or with shorts or jeans.
I'm planning another one now, but in the meantime, I've been unpicking a cardigan I got from a charity shop for £1.  The colours just drew me to it - green of course.
I am winding it all into separate balls and I will knit it using the domino/patchwork/entrelac/freeform technique.  It will be a labour of love and one of those things that I will pick up now and again, I don't think I could sit for hours and work on it.
Here it is being unpicked, you can see all the lovely colours.
Well the raggy top will go to Etsy tomorrow, I'm too tired now.


  1. that's cute. I agree a young lady would love that top.

    1. I usually make rag rugs, placemats, that sort of thing. A clothing item is something new to me.

  2. Very creative I do like mixed textures very touchy feely :-)

    1. yes me too. I'm hoping to start spinning art yarns again soon.



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