Saturday, 28 March 2015

Trying to make better use of the microwave to save energy ...

Lately I've been making an effort to use the microwave 'properly'  and not just for warming stuff up and the occasional baked potato.  It's all very well to say use your oven to it's full capacity i.e. bake cakes whilst the roast is cooking, fill it with bread not just one loaf, cook several meals at once etc. etc., but I don't know about you, but unlike other online domestic Goddesses, I don't always feel like doing all that, quite frankly most of the time I'm knackered ! hence my quest for easy to remember microwave shortcuts.

I tried an egg custard last night.  I love egg custard.  The recipe was OK but a little watery.  Now this can happen with a conventionally oven-cooked custard and the way I fix that is to whisk in a couple of spoons of dried powdered milk before cooking and that thickens it up and gives a lovely creamy taste, so I'll be trying that with the microwave version too.

I used three eggs, three quarters pint of milk, sugar (to taste, I don't like much) nutmeg if liked, I didn't use the nutmeg on this experiment.

First I heated the milk in the microwave on high for 3 minutes whilst whisking the eggs and sugar as normal, then whisked it altogether, add the nutmeg if liked, then put it back in the microwave for 3 minutes.  Take it out and stir/whisk again, then you are supposed to put it back in for 5 minutes, but I didn't have the courage to do that, so I took it out another twice to stir in the 'lumps' before it was cooked.  Next time I'll leave it for the full 5 minutes and see how it turns out.

Anyway, the taste was just the same as an oven-cooked custard, just a few tweeks  and I reckon it will be fine.  Certainly an energy saver.

I make porridge regularly in the Micro, and have now incorporated a fantastically quick sponge pudding which can be cooked in a mug, egg on toast, and now egg custard.  Yes I now I have a long way to go and there are probably zillions of you out there that use your microwave to it's full potential already, but I'm slow in catching on so bear with me.

Next I'm going to try a fruit cake and cheese sauce - not together of course ! but these are the next two 'energy saving' recipes I want to try, also, cooking in the microwave cuts out all the horrible sticky washing up involved in things like porridge, sauces etc., and I'm all for that.

Here's the link to the recipe for the quick pud if you missed it:

Have a nice weekend then,  I'll be doing a little 'basic' weeding, some walking (still breaking in my new boots) some crafting for Etsy and some more microwave experiments.  Do the clocks change this weekend ?  I must check that out, I never remember !


  1. I bought some recipe books from Mark's and Spencer back in the early 80's about cooking in the microwave. I make a couple of recipes from there semi regularly. I need to revisit those books, as you are right the microwave is a money saving tool.

    Here is the carrot soup one:

    And here is the one for sausage risotto:

  2. That's very kind of you Gill, thank you very much. I'm going to make the carrot soup for tea.
    My personal circumstances are going to change soon and although I consider myself very frugal, I will need to learn more !

  3. Hi. I use my microwave every morning to heat up a mug of water for my coffee. Works very well, I am hoping it's cheaper than boiling a kettle. Must admit though I use it mainly for heating up home made stew from the freezer, and baked spuds. Sometimes I make half a mug of veggie gravy in it.

    1. I'm going to try a cake tomorrow - I've got the sponge pud nailed now.
      Thanks by the way, it was from you I learned how to make porridge in the microwave, I make that every morning now.

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