Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Would you buy these ... ?

This is not an advert, just a few thoughts.

I've just had one of those colour booklets pop through the letter box, you know the sort, full of stuff you didn't realise you couldn't live without.  They usually go straight in the bin, but I had a little flick through this one.  There's loads of rubbish interesting stuff in there but these caught my eye - but I don't think I'd actually buy them.

This is a dish/plate for cooking oven chips in the microwave.  I can see this being useful especially if you have someone in the house who insists on turning a full sized oven on just to cook a handful of chips !  I know you can use an ordinary plate, but this claims to brown them.  Could use it with potato wedges as well I suppose.

This is described as a 'flat bed toaster' - it looks like a grill/griddle to me.  I'm sure my George Forman grill would do exactly the same as this.
Now this I do like.  A magnifying lamp, just look at the size of the 'screen'.  I can see that being really good for crafting.
I like this one too.  A led lamp for reading/crafting etc.,  I have a floor standing one, but my room is so small, I can't hide any more cables away.  This would be great for the coffee table/bedside table.
Just a few thoughts, would you buy any of them ?
Oh I have to say, the pics and products come from a catalogue from Coopers of Stortford.


  1. I like the two lights but I'll pass on the other things.

  2. Probably not. I've ordered several things from those catalogs that come in the mail. Usually what I've ordered gets stuck in a closet and never used. Think I've finally learned my lesson. :)

  3. I never buy from catalogues, I have a fantastic crafting lamp that bolts onto whatever table I am using and was a gift. However, if anyone knows where I can get a freestanding grill oven with a really good grill do let me know. A salamander would be perfect but for the price and size.


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