Wednesday, 4 March 2015

You can't get more frugal than free ....

Being  frugal and making every penny count is becoming the norm these days, mostly due to necessity, sometimes as a challenge, and sometimes (not too many I hope) out of sheer meanness !

Whatever the reason, you won't get stuff any cheaper than free, and there's plenty of free stuff out there to be had if you just spend a little time looking.

Free websites - we don't need to look any further than good old Blogger really, with all its bells and whistles, it's perfect for all needs, why pay for a website if you can get one for nothing ?

Free samples - if you don't mind filling in forms you can get products dropping through your letter box on a daily basis, anything from free txt minutes to cosmetics, pet food, baby products and lots more.  Check this one out (NOT an affiliate link) and see what you can sign up for.

Free days out - you don't have to spend a fortune on high priced tickets for days out/attractions etc., check this site for plenty of free entertainment - - (Not an affiliate link)

Free advertising - do you have a business you want to advertise ? or stuff to sell ?  try here - - (Not affiliated)

Free fishing - fishing is an expensive hobby anyway with all the equipment needed so why not get a days fishing for free ?  try here -  - (Not affiliated)

There's loads more of course, the best has to be the senior citizens bus pass - saving £££'s on travel.

Freecycle and Freegle are fantastic organizations to join.  You can get literally anything there for free.  Kitchen equipment, furniture, beds, computers, cookers, fridges, etc. etc.  The idea being that items donated to others keeps it out of landfill whilst at the same time helping people.  I've had loads of stuff from these two, and donated too, it is a two-way thing and it wouldn't be fair to just take from them.  You are expected to donate too.

If you Google what you want to get for free i.e. free knitting patterns, free recipes etc. etc., you'll have more than enough choice.


  1. the internet is indeed a great way to find free things to do.

  2. Good grief! I need to start looking for these things. Every time I run to the grocery store, it costs me about eighty dollars! Wean, I love the 'texting gloves' you made. Those are so pretty!



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