Thursday, 30 April 2015

A bit of chat ...

Thank you for your thoughts and kind words about Sopicat - they mean a lot to me.  The boy himself is napping now, so I can get on with one or two things.
He is definitely looking brighter today.  He has an appointment shortly for a check-up before the holiday weekend, he will shout at me all the way I know, because he will probably be thinking I'm going to leave him again, but I have fresh fish waiting for him when he gets  back so I'm sure he will forgive me.

Dawn gave me a great suggestion about cleaning the tiny tricky parts of my sewing machine i.e. use fine artists paint brushes - I never would have thought of that.  So what am I going to sew ?  well I have so many unfinished items works in progress, I don't know where to start really, I'll just push my hand in the bag and see what comes out and work on that.

I have curtains, patchwork items, table-covers, cushion covers as well as altered clothing items for Etsy, lots to keep me busy.  It's very light in the conservatory too, so I'm looking forward to making a start, probably tomorrow.

I'm going to catch up on some of your blogs now before going out.


  1. You make me feel guilty, I have been neglecting most things in favour of the garden. I did blitz the house and the laundry and ironing are up to date. Now that the main seed planting rush is over I hope to get my crafting on the go.

  2. Hi Wean sorry to read that Sopicat has been unwell -just been playing catchup and I see he is starting to recover. Poor little furball. Trouble is when their paws get themselves firmly wrapped round our hearts we are lost if anything happens to them. Poor boy. Lets hope its onwards and upwards. Take care



  3. I am pleased that little tip was helpful for you, looking forward to seeing your sewing projects :-)



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