Thursday, 16 April 2015

A cat clock, an upcycled fish tank, soft fruit, knobbly Hostas and eating weeds ...

I picked up such a pretty clock today from a charity shop.  I absolutely couldn't resist this :

The time when I took this picture was Ginger past Persian !!

The side of my house is a wind tunnel, plants, garden furniture etc., spend more time lying down after a strong wind than standing, so it's no good at all trying to sow seeds there, I've lost so many, it's disheartening.

I can't afford a greenhouse, I've tried those plastic covered ones but they just get blown away and torn.  I got a used fishtank last year from Freecycle, I bought it with the intention of using it as a mini greenhouse/cloche, to raise seeds and keep the wind from killing everything.

I put it in place today, there's just one or two pots of lettuce in there at the moment.  I've covered it with bubble wrap to keep in the warmth and keep out the cold.  I intend to make a wooden frame and staple the bubble wrap on when I get around to it.  I'm sure it will do the trick.

I have strawberry plants coming on in pots
Some raspberry plants are looking good
I have some healthy looking gooseberry plants that I dug up last year.  They self seeded from the main bush and have done very well.
I was pleased to see my Hostas shooting up a few days ago, and knowing how appetising they are to the slugs, dutifully applied slug pellets (I don't like doing this, but it's them or my plants!)
Anyway, I thought they looked strange, a little 'knobbly' like this
The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted my mistake.  They're not Hosta's at all, they're Lily of the Valley !!  my friend gave them to me last year and I forgot I had them.
Last night, with my tea I had a serving of dandelion leaves, lightly steamed, then added to a pan of chopped onions and a little garlic, they were delicious, and couldn't get any fresher, straight from the garden to the pan.
Tonight, I had a serving from my 1p cauliflower, and before that a serving of nettle soup - again absolutely delicious, the fact that it's packed with iron and nutrients makes it even more delicious.  I don't like calling these 'weeds', they're 'edible wild plants'.  I think it's sad that they get a bad press from people who haven't even tried them, they are missing a treat.


  1. 'Ginger past Persian' made me chuckle :)

    Your plants are looking nice Wean, and I was just about to send my old fish tank to the charity shop but I think it might take on a new life as a mini greenhouse! Thanks for that idea!

    1. I have another one, about one third of the size of the one in the garden, I keep it indoors to give seedlings some extra protection until they've formed their root systems.

  2. I am a wimp, but no nettle soup for me...good use of the old fish tank.

    1. ha ha I'm sure you're not a wimp Gill, but if you ever feel brave enough, do try nettle soup, so good for you and free !

  3. I love your cat clock, so sweet.
    You've got a head start with all of your plants, I started several pots of herbs and had to rescue them from three days of non-stop rain.
    Never tried nettle soup, but I do like dandelion tea !

    1. I forgot to say that the clock only cost me 20p, and I had a battery at home, so a very good buy I think.

  4. Wean, I love the clock! You have a little garden right there in pots. It all looks good.

    1. Hi Henny, yes I've just 'invested' in some bags of compost and potted most of them up into bigger pots.
      The only things that will grow in my waterlogged garden are blackberries (I have the thornless kind), raspberries, rhubarb and the 'mother' gooseberry bush, it could be worse !

  5. My backyard is the same way. I am elevated, so the wind rushes up the rise and over the six foot fence, hits the back of my tall house and chaos occurs. Oh, it is soggy back there and blazing hot!



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