Monday, 20 April 2015

I made bread in my mini - ( no not the car !) and some gardening gossip ...

I'm using my mini oven a lot now, getting more used to adjusting the temperature settings and length of cooking time.  I'm really glad I bought it, and am always surprised at  how quickly things cook in it.

I tried making bread, I used exactly the same ingredients as the recipe, but the first attempt, although edible (everything has to be here 'cos I can't afford to waste anything) wasn't what I expected.  The loaf rose so much that when it cooked it touched the top of the oven and the element making me more work in cleaning it up, also it was nice and crusty on the outside but a bit 'heavy' on the inside.

I tried again, this time I halved the dough and put it in two tins (had to be cooked separately of course) and this time it worked perfectly, a nice crusty top and soft inside without being 'doughy', so I'm well pleased with that, I will use that recipe again when I can't get bargain loaves at 10p or 20p, that's all I can bring myself to pay for bread !

Here is one of the loaves rising at the back of the cooker where it was warm.
Here is loaf one, cooled and ready to be wrapped for the freezer
Loaf two had provided me with breakfast and plenty more for the next couple of days.
I was surprised to see that a few sticks of rhubarb were ready for harvesting over the weekend, only thin ones but 3 of them provided a lovely treat with some plain yoghurt.
On the subject of garden fruit, when I was in PoundWorld the other day I saw these and couldn't walk past them - £1.00 each !  I got 2 x blackcurrants and 1 x blueberry.
I decided to check just  how much soft fruit I had in my tiny garden, and was surprised to find I have :
blackberries (the thornless kind)
honeyberry (honeysuckle with edible fruits)
goji berries
an 'unidentified' climbing fruit, it has bright green fruits which are very sweet, but I haven't been able to find out what it is.
I can't believe all this stuff is growing in my garden.  Not far away I can steal forage apples, pears, damsons and wild plums.  I'm well pleased with that lot.
My compost has failed for the second year running, it keeps getting full of what I call 'coconut matting' tight roots which seem to eat all the compost, so I've given up on that.  I put a sheet of black plastic over it and placed my shade-loving plants on top as it is out of the sun.
Hope you all had a nice weekend.


  1. There is a clue in your post that might explain the failed compost. It needs heat to get it going. We add the paper towels from the campsite and try to do layers and not too much grass cuttings.

    1. Could be SSS - it's in a dark cool corner. I'll leave it now until I move and start again.

  2. I love my toaster/mini-oven as well saves us so much money.

  3. Well I really thought you'd placed the bread in the front window of your mini, since I've seen people cooking cookies (biscuits) that way over
    The bread looks wonderful and delicious, and what a bargain to make. early, how lucky.
    You've bought a fine selection of fruit plants I hope they are enjoyed for many years to come.

    1. I've heard of that being done but never tried it. I think I may give it a go but it will be difficult here in UK, we don't get enough sun ! perhaps when a hot day forecast I'll try it.

  4. Popped over to say hello. My daughters and I went through a bread making stage a couple of years ago. I'm not sure it saved money. It tasted so good we ate more. These days I'm buying hovis and keeping it in fridge. Managing to make one loaf last 10 days or so that way.

  5. I agree your compost bin needs to get some sunshine and needs to be damp as well and should be turned to areate it.
    Well done with all the fruit :-)

  6. I really want rhubarb! You really have some nice fruit at your place and other

  7. Loved reading about your frugality and your garden! The bread looks yummy. xo Lynn



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