Saturday, 25 April 2015

Not too bad a day after all ...

After my self indulgent post yesterday, I got off my **** and got some jobs done.

I got stuck into the housework and moved stuff around and vacuumed up the 'tumbleweeds' of dust !

I washed covers and throws, and the cats blankets and got them outside to dry.  I always dry my washing outside weather permitting and inside on a clothes horse in bad weather.  It makes me smile when younger bloggers recommend 'air drying' as if the have just discovered it and reinvented the wheel !  ha ha

11 days ago, I sowed some runner/French beans inside in the conservatory.  Even being given such a good start I think they have done very well, they're now 10" high and going outside to harden off during the day already.  I've started off another few for successional harvesting.  I've put them in here: - my upmarket mini-greenhouse/cloche !  an old fishtank from Freecycle.

I started the first lot in here:
My 'state-of-the-art' propagator !  another fishtank, with a crack in the glass it won't hold water but is perfect for starting off seeds.  I have a framed piece of mesh on top from an old rabbit hutch to stop the cats jumping in and stopping any growth before it gets a chance.  They're lurking here, ready to jump inside:
If you see any old fishtanks at boot sales I'd recommend you pick them up, they really do the job.  I have a heated metal 'pad' that I have used sometimes in the winter for some 'bottom heat'.
So pushing myself onwards and pushing the Gremlins out, I decided to make some 'scrap soup'.  On this occasion it consisted of the outside leaves from a cauliflower, one carrot, one onion, a stock cube and some spices from one of these:
A cute spice carousel.  Now the problem with this design is that when you have handled the small jars a few times and wiped them with a damp cloth, the writing disappears from the lids, so it's pot luck what goes into your dish !  This is what happened with my soup, a pinch of this, a sprinkle of that, a spoonful of something else because I like the colour, that sort of thing.  
Notice the drawer front missing from the kitchen unit ?  and the drawer !  this house is full of 'interesting' features like that !  Mr landlord thinks it's perfectly functional so that's the end of that.  Ready to start:
The result was delicious (and free).  Since my liquidiser packed up a couple of weeks ago I've been using my hand held mixer and I'm loving it.   Here is the result with a nice 'brick' of toasted home made bread:
There was enough to two portions, one was supposed to be for today, but it was so lovely I ate the second portion too !  It would have been even more delicious with  a sprinkling of grated cheese on top.  Perhaps next time.
Anyway, I made a step forward with my problem, hopefully another one today, little by little ....

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