Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Some of the cheapest bargains ever ... !

I left it quite late to go bargain hunting yesterday, I was busy with other things, I wasn't going to go because I thought at 9 pm all the reduced produce would be long gone.  However I was out of milk so had to go anyway, and was very surprised at what I got at that late hour.  Perhaps I will go later again next week ?

Here is my haul :

3 cauliflowers at 1p each  ! yes 1p each.  Now unless they're being given away, no one is going to do better than that are they ?  and as you can see, they are all lovely and fresh and firm, no brown bits to cut off, I feel cauliflower cheese coming on and spiced cauliflower, some will have to be cooked and frozen.

Two packs of vine tomatos for 5p each, a little soft but made lovely tomato salsa, one lot to eat and two for the freezer.  One pack of Mediteranean, Mediterarian, Medit nice vegetables for roasting for 5p.

Two packs of prepared carrots and peas for 5p each and a container of roasting veggies also for 5p, these have gone in the freezer too.
With all this excitement, I forgot to buy the milk, and called in at a small local shop on the way home (the milk is cheap there as well as the supermarket) and picked up these two packs for 25p each.
A pack of veggies, enough to make a small stew/casserole which will last me two days, I'll just add a few frozen peas or sprouts for something 'green', and a pack of mixed fruit which will do for two desserts with a blob of natural yoghurt.
I think it's very clever of a small shopkeeper to do this, the shop is in the middle of an estate and I can imagine single people buying these packs because they wouldn't want to buy a bag of potatos, carrots etc.,  I know these packs can be bought at the big supermarkets, but not for 25p.
So there you have it, I'm well pleased.
I also made an effort in the garden yesterday, which is why I was late going shopping.  I wasn't going to because my heart just isn't in it knowing I'm moving, but I feel better for it.


  1. you couldn't pass up those deals. We have have things like that, that cheap, you did well.

    1. you're right, just can't walk past. My freezer is well stocked now !

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Dawn, it's like winning the lottery !

  3. Brilliant timing, I may have to try it myself, I need t shop later but am loath to leave the garden while it is sunny, on a tea break right now.

    1. I've never got bargains like that so late before.
      You can't have too much tea !!

  4. Super dooper bargains and gardening is good for you anyway

    1. I'm 'getting back into it' now, I've sown some beans and lettuces in pots and tidied the rest.
      Once a gardener always a gardener eh ?

  5. Great haul. Love cauliflower cheese.



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