Sunday, 26 April 2015

Update on Sopicat and an explanation of his name ...

First, welcome to 'Sooze' who joined recently.

I phoned late last night to check on Sopi's condition.  There was all sorts of treatments going on, he was having fluids, and 'steam treatment'  to help him breathe and anti-biotics, but he was 'holding his own.
This morning I phoned again and his breathing is much improved, the nurse said he has drunk some water and was looking through the animal cage bars with interest !  this was like being told I've just won the lottery.
He has more procedures and observation to come, he may be coming home tomorrow, but for now I feel a huge dark cloud has lifted sufficiently to clear my mind enough to get one or two jobs done and go for a walk later.

Thank you so much for your comments and good wishes for Sopicat - you are such an understanding lot !

One of the emails I had was asking me how Sopi got such an unusual name.

For years he was registered at the vet as 'Soapy' - which gave rise to his nickname - 'Suds' - !

Also he has been listed as 'Sophie'.

'Sopi' came about because many, many years ago (before digital cameras !)  I had two black and white cats, one very aloof and was called 'Superior Sooty' who lived to be 19 years, and Pretty Pixie, a tiny dainty little girl who also lived a long life.  One day I will get some of these old photographs scanned in and posted.

When Sopicat was brought to me, along with his sister Lady Leah 1, I couldn't think of a name for him, probably because at the time I was running an animal rescue centre and had over 200 rabbits ! plus sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and anything else that turned up wanting a home or had been mistreated,  so you can imagine, where names were concerned, my brain  had run out of ideas.

However, I took the first two digits of SOoty and PIxie in rememberance of them and came up with Sopi - I don't know how the 'cat' bit got stuck onto the end, just one of my silly moments I suppose, and it has stayed with him ever since.

I got some bargains before Sopicat was taken ill, I'll post about them later.


  1. So glad that Sopicat has turned the corner and hope that he's back home with you tomorrow xxx

    1. Thank you Trudie, he's at the very best pet hospital - I'm hoping to bring him home tomorrow evening. He really was very poorly, hardly able to breathe. The staff are wonderful.



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