Friday, 29 May 2015

Allotment envy ...

I drove to my friends yesterday a few miles away and she took me to see an allotment she and her partner have recently taken on.

I'm soooooo jealous !  since leaving my 'big house' in the country I've lusted after an allotment, unfortunately they're as rare as hen's teeth around where I live now, I have my name on the list but it's no good even holding out hope, the waiting list is years long and I'll be left here long before one becomes available.  I've no idea where I'm going yet so I can't put my name on another list.
  I'm hoping for a largish garden anyway, so in the meantime I'll keep on tending my 'potted' garden.
My friends partner has achieved a lot in only a few short weeks, rotovating the ground and levelling it and already there are several varieties of crops in there and look like they are doing very well.
We walked around and  I love to see what people are growing and how they are being tended.  It's an open windy site so many of the crops are having to be protected with home made barriers and fleece attached to poles.  I love to see the structures that have been created using upcycled materials, i.e. pieces of wood, tubing bent to make cloches, various types of netting to use as windbreaks, home made greenhouses and sheds, and of course the compulsory chairs where the weary gardener sits with a huge mug of tea.  It's all very creative and frugal.  There was a lovely atmosphere over the place, peaceful yet productive, stress free.,
I needed that little bit of peace yesterday, I'm struggling with a huge problem right now that's been going on for years, but has now come to a head, all my attempts to resolve it have been rejected and now the weight of it is getting me down somewhat - oh well - mustn't give up (can't give up!)
A trip to the vet yesterday brought another shock, the vet I've been using for the last 12 months or so had left - what a shocker !  he was so good.   I think that may have been the problem, he was so good the World and his wife wanted to see him, I think the pressure may have been too much for him.  He has left to do locum work and have more time at his home to care for his own animals.  I wish him well.  There are three other vets joining the practice in July, so hopefully I'll get another good one, the girls said they will recommend one who is the most 'cat friendly'.
Nothing is permanent is it ?  life changes when you least expect it too.


  1. I'd be envious too! The allotment looks great. I love to see rows and rows of vegetables like that. I truly hope your current problems solve themselves somehow and that things work out well for you. Life does change, lets hope for the better. :-) x

    1. Thank you SD, one day I'll post about it, but right now I have to deal with it alone.
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. Hiya Wean

    We've spent today on our allotment - it's nice but it is hard work - when you decide where you're going to land then if you're anywhere near Randlay then it might be worth putting your name down on the list here - there seems to be half a dozen plots not being worked at the moment and then you might not have to wait too long - Hope things work out for you soon we too are facing a big issue but hope that it will all be sorted by the end of next week xxx

    1. Trudie, I know Randlay very well, in fact I lived there for many years ! and I know the allotments there, I always remember there was a guy who kept chickens, on a plot close to the road.
      Good luck with your issue too.
      Thanks for commenting.

    2. If its the same gentleman I'm thinking of he passed away last year Wean - we've got others on the plot with chickens and we have a plot holder that keeps bees too - our plot is right on the front - it is nice up there as long as the wind isn't blowing otherwise it can be freezing up there xxx



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