Thursday, 14 May 2015

Cushy ... ! and some great money-saving coupons

I don't really need anymore cushions, but these were too good to walk past.

There were 8 of them, in almost mint condition.  Brown/cream heavy weight silk fabric with zips.  The pads inside are immaculate, these would have been at least £3.99 each.

I paid 25p each !
Now some coupon bargains, I got this one from Tesco, as you can see I got £2.81 off my next shop, that will buy some cat food !
Here are some Sainsbury's vouchers
Triple Nectar points on the next shop
Double points on fuel.  Did you take advantage of the recent promotion for 10x points on fuel ?  I filled up the day it started, then again a month later on the day it finished, so I did well on that offer.
This is a good one, 6 tins of Butchers cat food, which is very good, but there is an offer to get the full price back i.e. £3.26 if you just send the yellow 'flash' on the wrapping together with the till receipt and you can get your money back, now that's worth it.
A good day for saving money ...

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