Sunday, 10 May 2015

Decorative or Functional ... ?

Today's home furnishing trend is 'uncluttered'.  It's taken a few years to take hold, I can remember when the idea of 'minimalism' first reared it's (ugly ?) head.  My daughter had (to my mind) a home beautifully decorated with antique furniture, paintings etc.,  overnight, she had a complete change of heart and her mahogany dining set, Victorian bedroom furniture, French Salon items, paintings, etc., all set to a backdrop of Laura Ashley decorating style with the most fantastic curtains, bedding etc., she decided she wanted clean lines with little housework as she was working all day and didn't intend to stop.

I completely understand being too shattered to do much cleaning, life has changed, and the younger generation don't want to be 'tied' to a houseful of antiques these days.

I was lucky enough to be offered to buy some bits and pieces from her, I couldn't afford the really good stuff, but still have some items now that give me pleasure.

Anyway, the reason for this ramble is I have to keep 'inventing' more and more space in this 'tardis' I live in.  I cannot bear to get rid of my antique stuff, unlike the modern generation, I actually like my 'stuff' around me, I like to see it, admire it, and feel comfortable with it in my own space, however small.

This presents problems as you can imagine, I'm hanging on in there in the hope that my next move will throw up a larger house (it would be difficult to get smaller !) so I can unpack my treasured items.

In the meantime, I'm converting 'decorative' corners into 'functional' as much as possible.  Here is a case in point :  - or not !  at this point I went away to find a picture of a corner of my 'diner' area to show you, but I can't locate it ! it had in it an antique butter churn, some copper pans, vintage baskets hanging from the ceiling, that sort of thing, lovely to look at, but no use at all !  anyway, here is the same space after I've turned it into 'functional'

It probably still looks like a photo-shoot, but these are the things I use everyday, various size plates and dishes, scales, my steamer, spice carousel, dishes for individual pies, etc., and a basket containing cuttings from the plant above. 

I've still 'snuck in' a bit of 'decorative' in the area though:

This is one of those kitchen trolley thingies from the other house, nowhere to put it in my present kitchen.  The messy bit in the conservatory shouldn't have been in the pic, but it's just some fabric I draped over a dark antique cupboard to stop the sun from fading it.  Again, there is no room for it inside the house.  Little Lucycat is pretending not to notice what's going on.


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  1. You've certainly made the most of your space. It looks lovely. I don't have much to work with either. My house has a very poor layout. I'm also hoping my next move (hopefully within the next couple of years) will be to a more spacious home. X



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