Monday, 25 May 2015

Frugal, filling and 'almost' free meals, and on the move again ... !

I got this pack of chopped cabbage and leeks (reduced of course) and left it in the fridge for a coupe of days whilst deciding what to make with it in the most money-stretching way.  This is what I did, almost free dinners, I had an egg and bread and butter in the house, so I don't count those into the costings:

As usual I forgot to photograph it before cutting open the pack and emptying it, but here is the packet, look at the price - 2p !

Into the steamer with a chopped onion, steamed just long enough to soften, not to make it soggy.

Here is the mix in three different sized bowls, the small one I ate for my tea, the two bigger ones are in the freezer and will do for two meals each.  I added a sprinkle of grated cheese along with some black pepper, I made a basic custard with egg and milk (I always add some dried powdered milk to a custard, it more or less guarantees a good 'set' and adds protein). Just cover with sliced bread which has been buttered, and pour over the custard mix.

 Here are two after I ate one -  It was delicious - and so very frugal.

Here is a pack of mixed salad leaves, also 2p that I had with it.

Now I thought I had a small space for my sewing machine a couple of weeks ago, but now I have used that space for seed starting and potting etc., I have had to find somewhere else.  I looked around for a suitable small table with no luck, the space I had in mind is very tiny so any table had to fit with room for my foot to reach the pedal, I thought a computer desk would be ideal with space underneath for all the bits and pieces we sewers collect.

I tried Freecycle and got one, although not complete, but as it was free and beggars can't be choosers I picked it up.  The top was 'bowed' so my machine wouldn't have had a solid base, so I took that off and the machine will rest on the pull out shelf underneath.

A good wash and a wipe over with some disinfectant did the trick - all ready to be manhandled go upstairs into my bedroom.  Here it is in-situ -
I will be putting my plastic boxes of pins, needles, threads, scissors, ribbons etc. etc., up later.  I'm using my computer chair, I've turned it away because the seat is worn ! but I think that will be the first thing I make up there, a new seat cover.  I hope I don't need anything from the drawers at the back of the table !
So that was a fantastically frugal day - 5 meals for 2p and a free sewing table.


  1. Well done you, what brilliant bargains.

    1. Sometimes I get stuff reduced to 1p. !

  2. Replies
    1. Wait until you see what I got last night - I'll post it tomorrow.

  3. Fantastic bargains. Your meal is very inventive. Sounds delicious. X

    1. It was - it could be padded out with a baked potato if I'm very hungry.

  4. You do find some great bargains, I do love simple frugal food x

  5. Enjoyed reading your post. Came to know how to live life easy with what we have...



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