Saturday, 16 May 2015

Looking forward to Winter ..... (sort of)

I hope you are enjoying this lovely day, I've been catching up on some gardening, potting things on  and up, inside and outdoors.

My broccoli was on stilts !  it had 3" legs.  This happens to me everytime I grow from seed, I've tried everything but nothing works, this year I've even got grow lights but I still get the 'leggy look'.  Anyway, I potted them up into tall pots (plastic bottles) and pushed them into the compost up to their necks, that should do it.

You see they have their own mini-greenhouse until they are settled.
I  had EGS this year (Eager Gardeners Syndrome), that means I started my runner and French beans off too early, now the Frenchies are flowering ! and can't be put out yet because they wouldn't last 5 minutes in the garden, it's very windy.
I'll have to pollinate these with a paintbrush in order to get some beans.
The runners are doing well, but as they have been grown in the conservatory, they are 'soft' and you only have to walk past them to bruise a leaf.  I've potted them up, and the only place I had for them is on the chairs in the conservatory !  I have 8 pots full, and some more coming up, they're about 3" high.
Lucy and Rasputin are keeping out of the way, high up. they know if they walk over my seedlings they'll be in big trouble.
Outside I potted up some evergreens and a couple of fruit bushes, all in all, a good day.
Now, why am I looking forward to Winter ... ?  well not entirely of course, but it's just that I know I'm not going to be cold in this igloo of a house, because I got this from the charity shop :
Woo hoo - a lovely 'as new snowsuit'.  It's padded and lined and just my size.
It has an elasticated waist with a neat belt and belt hook detail for ........ well whatever you use a belthook for.
Zipper closures on the legs.
A high, snug, fleece lined collar.
So just look at the brand name ... Trespass ... !  woo hoo again, last time I checked these suits out they were edging up to £180.00 !
Now just look at the size !  age 13/14.  Yup that's me.
(Actually I'm a size 12 - but this fits me well)    So all I need now is some skis - right ?
Actually I'll be happy to go out in this, as long as it's not snowing or I may never be seen again, but the real reason I snapped it up was I can wear this indoors over jeans and sweaters and be toasty warm.
So how much do you think I paid ?  are you sitting down ?
£1.00 -------- YES £1.00. that's got to be the bargain of the year.


  1. An amazing bargain, well done :-)

  2. What a bargain! You're going to be toasty warm in that. X

  3. I have a couple of those suits, but mine are navy blue. They were from my last job, I had to spend time in the chillers and freezers, when I retired they said that I could keep them. Pretty good as they are wind proof. Ideal for dog walking.

  4. Right now I am enjoying less clothes and lots of sunshine. Thoughts of Winter and its layers of clothes, have been stored away for 6 or 7 more months.



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