Sunday, 3 May 2015

Super quick, super easy, super cheap - now that man is talking my language ... !

Welcome to 'Monalisa' - a new follower, if I've forgotten to welcome anyone else - sorry - all are welcome here.

You will know I can't grow much, if anything, in the garden here, only some bush soft fruit, because the ground is always waterlogged (I'm beginning to think the house was built over an underground stream - thank goodness I don't own it), anyway, I gave up gardening as such a couple of seasons ago because of this, but still have a healthy 'pot garden' with trees, shrubs, climbers as well as veggies.  I actually like growing veggies in pots because they aren't subject to the usual garden soil-borne pests, and can have more individual attention.  You still have to watch out for aphids though, and grubs that will strip a plant of it's leaves overnight - gooseberries being a good case in point.

The downside of all this, is the amount of compost that is needed for the pots (my compost heap failed).  I always re-use compost from spent plants and add some fertilizer so it isn't wasted.

Anyway, to increase the amount of crops I can get into my micro-space and use less compost, I've been looking into the possibility of hydroponics, (growing in water with nutrients added).  I like this idea because not only does it save on compost, it saves on space because plants and units can be placed on top of existing structures, flat rooves etc.

Instead of my trying to explain it all, check this link out, it says it's 'super quick, super simple and super cheap' so I'm sure I could do that and it will fit into my ethos of spending as little as possible !

Here is another link to an alternative method, even more simple and cheap which I'm going to get started on today:

You tube is full of brilliant videos on hydroponic gardening, some methods though are going to cost money, some seem to have the intention of blinding the watcher with science !  why do some people have to make things look complicated and difficult ? to make them look cleverer than the rest of us I think.  I like KISS - 'Keep it Simple Stupid'.

  I'm also looking into vertical gardening, using conventional methods and as it says on the tin, it's utilising walls, fences, walls and posts to save space.

Not much gardening to be done here in UK on our 'to be expected' WWW.  (That's not 'world wide web - that's Wet Whit Weekend')
Happy gardening


  1. I set up an aquaponics syste to try out last year, aquaponics is using fish the waste matter from the fish is used to feed the plants the plants clean the water that is returned to the fish, the fish can be eaten along with the plants, we used crayfish in our experiment it was done on a small scale it is something I would like to set up again on a bigger scale you can also set up a three tier system involving chickens fish and vegetables. Vertical garden is a great use of space there is a lot on the web about it :-)

    1. I looked up aquaponics too, it sounds interesting but I couldn't eat the fish ! (well I couldn't kill them )

  2. a Bank Holiday Weekend is always wet in Britain, at least it wasn't a surprise!!

    1. I bet you miss UK Bank Holidays ?



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