Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A bit of chat and two job opportunities ...

It's a lovely morning and I'm 'minding the shop' again today and loving it.  I have time to surf the net to my hearts content, learn stuff on Youtube, find out how to start a Youtube channel, and get going on my first video.  I also have a book or two here, today I'm starting on 'The Lord of the Rings' by Tolkien, I love anything mysterious, the book I have is part one- The Fellowship of the Rings' and it's about two inches thick !  I hope I make my way through it.  If not it will be great for propping the table  up !

The Hobbit was on TV here in UK over the weekend, also by Tolkien of course and I was looking forward to watching it, but had to switch off 15 minutes in !  The modern slang expressions and other corruption of the script were too much for me to accept.  I'm sure Tolkien didn't write 'look what's just come out of me 'ooter' did he ? and other stupid similar lines.  I think this must have been 'edited' to appeal to the masses, perhaps I'm wrong, if you've read The Hobbit please let me know if these modern expressions are in the original script.  Anyway if I come across anything like that in The Lord of the Rings, it will be sent to the charity shop.

The baby plants and seedlings are all looking good in the garden, it was really hot yesterday and the beans I put out have had their leaves 'bleached' by the sun !  they look healthy enough though and have flowers on, I expect they're just getting used to being outside.

Are any of you getting an error message when you check your stats in Blogger ?  I'm getting it all the time, it doesn't say what the error is but I just click on the 'x' in the corner and it goes away, it's just irritating while having to wait for it to disappear.

I'm always looking for ways to earn extra money and like to pass them on to you here, they may be of interest.  I have found these two, they are not paid links, I just thought someone out there may find them of interest.

The first is www.EmployerMatch.co.uk  - if you or your significant other are looking for work, check this out, you enter your locality and give your email address and details of daily jobs are sent through to you, today's include packers, delivery drivers, retail workers etc. etc., it may be of use to you.

Next, if you love dogs and like walking, is a dog walking site:  www.dogwalkingnow.co.uk/jobs
I would love to do this but for two reasons, a few years ago I had my leg in plaster after a car accident and every now and then I have a 'flare up' of pain and my leg frequently gives way beneath me, so I couldn't say for sure if I would be available for dog walking, the second reason is fear ! years ago, when I had my first smallholding, I started an animal boarding business, and a hamster died whilst in my care, I was distraught and fraught with guilt, so I can't now take on the responsibility of caring for anyone's animals.  The owners were very good about it, they bought me flowers because they could see the state I was in - 'they bought me flowers' - it should have been the other way around ! anyway, I've never got over it, so dog walking is out for me.  I know lots of you out there are dog owners and would like to do this 'work', it's approx. £10 an hour - that's worth having, so good luck with that.

Take that a step further and you can apply to be a pet/house sitter, where you live in someones  house taking care of their pets whilst the owners are away.  Just Google 'house/sitter'. it's great, because it saves on your own fuel, heating, etc. and most times the owners leave food in the fridge as well.  This is something else I can't do because of the reasons stated above.

OK todays waffle over, have a good one ... oh and can I just thank all of you who have clicked on ads on my blog over the last few days, I've earned some pennies, not a lot, but it all helps and adds up and I'm very grateful and I hope you found things of interest.


  1. there's a guy who does dog walking and picks up the dogs on the estate. I can't get over how good he is in controlling all the dogs. They all actually listen to him???

    1. There's definitely money to be earned this way, I believe you have to have insurance though.

  2. I get an annoying error message a lot.....I investigated and apparently it's because Blogger doesn't like the browser I use (Internet Explorer). So not much I can do about that unless I change my browser....and why should I when it suits me? So hard luck Blogger. I just use the 'x' to get rid of it, same as you.

    1. It's frustrating because it happens all the time now, I think we are getting more and more impatient these days because we are used to getting response at the click of a button !

  3. I loved the Lord of the Rings films and felt that in the main they were fairly true to the story. The first Hobbit film niggled me with all the "changes", the second one drove me nuts, and I don't think I want to even see the 3rd one! Friends who hadn't read the books enjoyed the films however, and maybe I would have if they had called it "action packed film set in middle earth a bit like the Hobbit" instead. Such a shame, I've been addicted to the books since I first read them at the age of 10 and was SOOOOO looking forward to these films now that we have the technology to do them justice.

  4. I'm enjoying The Lord of the Rings - so far - I think I will stick to reading the books, our own imagination is better than someone else corrupting the script !
    Hope you are well.


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