Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Back to life - back to frugality ...

First a big welcome to Gary from Fox Paw Lodge - isn't that a great name ? but get this, Gary is from 'The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia' - yes really !  I know - cue song !  sorry Gary, I bet you've heard that a zillion times but I couldn't resist.  Great to have you here, now, where's that Lonesome Pine ?

Thank you for your comments and opinions about my speeding fine, I appreciate them all, but I've decided to pay the fine and get the points, I just can't bring myself to go on the course even though I know I will have to pay higher insurance too.

I'm still struggling with my mega problem, it won't go away.  I'm working on it.

So some frugalness to keep me sane.  You know how much I love Sopicat ?  well I've been looking for a velvet cushion for him for some time, ('cos he's worth it) but it had to be green, you see Sopicat's favourite colour is green like mine.  Walking past the charity shop today, I saw not one but two green velvet cushions in a basket outside, they were marked up at £1.50 each, but had been reduced to only 50p each, so I got them both.  I think Sopicat likes them.

There's no moving him now.  A different camera angle has made the colours look different, the true colours are in the first picture.
So, no offence to our American friends, but these have got to be the strangest things to come here from over the pond - I'm talking about Bagels. What is the point of Bagels ?  am I missing something ?  They are basically a bread roll right ?  bread rolls are meant to be filled, so why put a hole in the middle so all the filling falls out ?  Anyway, the reason I'm talking about them is I bought a packet the other day, reduced of course to 5p.  I didn't realise they were bagels I thought they were rolls so I left them in the bread bin for a little too long and they had started to go hard, and hating to throw stuff away, I broke them up into small pieces and soaked them in milk and turned them into a sort of bread pudding, it was supposed to be a bread and butter pudding but I forgot to butter them, but it turned out OK, I added a little jam for sweetness and had puddings for two days.
You're going to have to imagine how it looked when it was cooked, this is as far as I got with the photographing !  a frugal pud anyway.
My runner beans have reached the roof in my conservatory, and have produced flowers, it's going to be difficult to get them out now unless the weather turns very warm.
There are plenty of leaves being produced as you would expect being grown indoors so I decided to use them as 'greens' for dinner.  I also have some beans on my French beans, so I cut them off and cooked those too. 
 Did you know you can eat the leaves of beans ?  They 'cook down' like spinach so  you need to take that into account, but they taste nice.  I dried them in kitchen paper before adding a knob of butter and a little black pepper.  Free 'bonus' greens.
Pull the leaves off all the stalks before chopping and steaming.
The weather has been better today, I hope we've reached the turning point and Summer is arriving.


  1. interesting about the beans leaves. Love bagels toasted and spread with cream cheese. Good way of using them up though as a bread pudding.

    1. Apparantly they are a British 'invention' Gill, Ann of Canada says they originated over here - I'd never heard of them until a few years ago when they started to appear in 'American Style' eating places and then in the supermarkets.

    2. Weans, I meant by " your side of the pond" , east of Atlantic Ocean. Bagels aren't British in origin but Eastern European. If you have time ( after cleaning up after your demon cat ) Google " bagels". That cat - kind of like an abusive spouse
      or child.....
      BTW I like to read your blog when you post.

      Ann in Canada

    3. Thanks for clarifying that Ann. An abusive spouse, now that's a very good comparison
      Thank you for visiting.

  2. I've only eaten bagels with cream cheese, but they are hard on the teeth to
    Beans look delicious, I didn't know you can eat the leaves.
    Sorry to read about your speeding ticket woes, can't you offer them a nice loaf of warm bread, and see if they will forgive you this once !?
    Sopicat is so sweet....

    1. nice suggestion Jo, but I'm afraid it would take more than a loaf of bread to get me off this !

  3. Hello Weans,
    You might like to google " bagels" - their origin actually happened on your side of the pond! 😊. The hole was probably for merchants of yore to string cloth through to more easily transport quantities of bagels.

    One can spread cream cheeses on them, jam, buttered when toasted, fill with sliced ham and cheese slices, etc. Or, make a bread pudding!

    Ann in Canada

    1. Well well, who'd have thought it. So we sent them to you then ? Thank you for that Ann, I've learned something today - the pudding was delicious.
      Thanks for visiting.

  4. I only eat my bagels toasted. Cut in half and put in the toaster till golden and they taste fresh.



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