Sunday, 14 June 2015

Gardening update ...

Well here in Shropshire, Saturday was a total wash-out, a deluge no less, non-stop rain for 24 hours.   It wasn't driving rain, actually it was quite pleasant, refreshing, but very heavy, resulting in my already drainage-challenged garden turning into a lake !

So Sunday dawned bright and sunny so I set to in catching up on many overdue jobs to be done.  First I actually moved my legendary runner beans from the conservatory, here they are by the door waiting to go out, at full stretch they measured 10'/12' - now I know they should be well established before going out but that's ridiculous right ?  I've been thinking they're too well established now to get acclimatised outdoors, but I wasn't going to take them out of their pots, so their roots wouldn't be disturbed and they'll have a better chance of survival.

There's more light in the conservatory now that the Triffids have gone.
Here they are 'in situ' - I love that phrase, it makes me sound educated.  I will use that 'cut down' tree to train more beans up and around.  You can just see my sickly courgettes at the front of the  picture, I don't know if they will survive or not, I took a chance putting them there, I expect it's the soaking soil that will finish them off.  It's not too late to start some more though.
There's a good crop of gooseberries, they're in the opposite corner of the garden where it's not quite so sodden.  A bit of sun on them to sweeten them up and I'll be making pies for the freezer.  I don't 'do' jam, too much sugar.  I do however make a simple fruit puree with soft fruit, basically just heated through enough to soften it and used 'as is' over pies, yoghurt, porridge etc.,  it's a healthier version of  jam.
Here are some of the pallet collars I got from Preloved, some are already occupied, I potted up a load of spinach plants yesterday, and just covered them at angle with that cloche cover until their roots settle.  I won't be digging up the lawn inside the frames, as I am moving, I don't want to have the hassle of levelling it off and re-seeding, plus any extra soil/compost will be wasted.  I'm just going to line the bottoms with sheet plastic (free of course) to stop the weeds from growing, and sheet cardboard (also free) to give a little insulation.  When I leave all that will be left will be rectangles of dead grass - and that will grow over quickly enough.
This is the cattery.  It's been sited at the side of the house and this is just the end sticking out.  It measures approx. 25' x 15'. I've just cleared it out, it was full of plants 'overwintering' out of the cold wind.  It has chairs, an old wooden stepladder, logs and bits and pieces to keep the cats amused, plus an old rabbit hutch on it's side for them to climb on.  The 'old guys' don't go out any more, they prefer sleeping and eating indoors.  I carried two of them out yesterday while I was in the garden, and they didn't like it at all, so I had to carry them back in !  There is a cat flap from the conservatory, so they can go in and out any time they like.  I live on a main road so I will not let them out, I won't take the chance.  There are always signs around here of missing cats, and I don't intend that mine become statistics.  Where I used to live, they only knew of the odd passing tractor - so absolutely no road sense at all.
Here is The Cat From Hell in the cattery looking down on me as he always does.
He's broken three cat flaps already, I'm on the fourth one now. 
Another view of the cattery going down the side of the house.  They have more space in there than I do in the house !
Some might say that it isn't natural keeping them indoors, it probably isn't but at least I know they are alive and I won't be scraping them off the road any time soon.  They have a good life, spoiled rotten with the best food money can buy and regular veterinary care.  This is borne out by the fact that my cats have all reached 20+ years old.
Anyway, that's my daily waffle, the sun is a-shining, so I'm off out to play in the garden again.

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  1. Wean I love the kitty's place. It is so neat. You do wonders with a place. Your plants, your decorating, it's always beautiful.



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