Friday, 12 June 2015

Have you tried Preloved ... ?

Along with zillions of other people, I'm getting fed up with Ebay, the way they keep changing the rules and conditions etc. etc.,  it used to be almost set in stone that sellers had 100 free listings every two weeks, with extra weeks at Bank Holidays etc., which was great if you had a load of items to sell like me, boxes of stuff that have been dragged around with me and I really need to sell.  So the upshot is, if sellers wish to take advantage of free listings, they have to be 'offered' - i.e. you get a notification to say you have been 'chosen' to receive these free listings and you have to click to accept the offer, but if you are not one of the chosen few, then you just have to sit it out, and keep on climbing over stuff whilst waiting for the offer.

I've given loads to charity shops, and Freecycle, but I honestly can't afford to give anything else away, and because of 'circumstances' I now find myself needing every penny, so I looked around for somewhere else to sell.  I found Preloved a few weeks ago, but didn't try it until two days ago.

I was looking for some of these: (yes I know I was supposed to be selling, but you know how it is - I'll be listing some sales later this evening)  I didn't know what they were called initially, and I searched for wooden stackable boxes, collapsible boxes etc., then I found out they were called 'pallet collars', used for stacking on top of pallets in warehouses, factories etc., they make perfect raised beds, you can stack as many as you want, and they fold flat when not in use.

Anyway, I typed into Preloved 'pallet collars' followed by my district, and 4 people came up selling them quite close to me !  I had found some on the net at £30 each, some at £15 each and thought that was quite reasonable, but these were only £5 each !!  result !  I now have a batch sitting in my garden.
If you haven't tried Preloved, I've put a link in the right sidebar, I will leave it there, go and have a look around, I don't think there is any competition with Ebay because with Preloved, the service is free you can buy and sell with NO FEES ! how cool is that ? but if you sign up, for £5 a year, that's just under 10p a week !!!!!!! you get notifications of new offers in your own particular area,  I signed up because I think it's well worth it.  Oh and they also have a section called 'Freeloved' which is self-explanatory.
Yes it is a paid link, but it is one I wouldn't have on my blog if it wasn't genuine and helped save or make you (and me) money.


  1. Been using preloved for a couple of years now for buying and selling, havent used ebay for years got fed up of rip off merchants and scammers on there

  2. well done on the deals, Never heard of Preloved before.

  3. I've got about 10 raised beds with pallet collars this year. They last longer than you think and are really easy to use.



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