Thursday, 18 June 2015

I like it so far ...

I'm talking about The Lord of the Rings that I'm reading right now, and am thoroughly enjoying it.  I love to lose myself in the mysticism of books like this, I'm actually there with the characters  ! so this book won't be used for propping up a table, and so far, there are no traces of 21st century language in there to spoil it for me.

I'm at the shop again today, number 2 Son is very busy I'm glad to say, he and his partner work hard and hopefully will reap the benefits.  Their dream is to have a country place (like his Mom) where they can keep their horses and have some goats.

I've started gathering a few soft fruits from the garden, some strawberries which are lovely and sweet, and some Honeyberries, now these are new to me, it's a Honeysuckle with somewhat insignificant pale yellow flowers, but you can eat the fruits (berries) they look like a small damson and taste fantastic, just like eating Honeysuckle flowers. 

  So pud last night was a large strawberry with a couple of Honeyberries and plain yoghurt.  There's more to come.  I've taken some cuttings from the Honeyberry, I would like to increase my stock of those.  Some I have treated as normal soft wood cuttings, covered with a plastic bag to keep up the humidity, and some I have pegged down whilst they are still connected to the Mother plant, these have the most chance of survival of course.   I got the original plant from Ebay, it wasn't cheap, well nothing is when you are terminally frugal, so it will ease the blow if I get some free plants.

 They seem to be subject to 'attacks' of Cuckoo Spit though, so each morning I find I'm wiping it off with damp tissue before the grub gets chance to emerge and eat the leaves.  When I was young I actually thought that this was literally Cuckoo Spit and that Cuckoos went around the countryside spitting all over the place !  Somebody must have had a laugh when they told me that.

I wanted to do some sewing over the weekend, but couldn't find the cable that connected from the machine to the power supply - duh ! very frustrating, so I ordered a new one from Ebay, it came this morning, it cost £10.  I must wade through my stock of fabrics before I disappear under it, never to be seen again !

Well I have time today to work on my (very amateur) Youtube channel, my first video is in production (MGM have nothing to fear), but I'm hoping to improve, and it will be another skill I hopefully will master.  You have to keep the old brain cell moving when you get to a 'certain age'


  1. I am glad that you are enjoying the book, my copy is falling apart so I keep my eyes peeled in the CS, if one doesn't turn up soon I will look on Amazon for a second hand copy. I have looked at Honeyberries, I will be adding one to my garden now that a "real person" has praised them.

  2. Wish I could grow fruit like you. I have ZERO luck growing any kind of fruit. Even the blackberry plant that was covered in berries, as they ripen, have brown spots all over. Not fit to eat.

  3. I thought cuckoo spit was the spit of a cuckoo when I was a child too! :)

    I spotted a honeyberry plant in Wilkinsons the other day, it was only little but only £3, I might have to go back and investigate further!



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