Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Protecting the plants ... and an unsolveable problem ...

Well I've been busy in the garden.  I said earlier in the year I wasn't going to bother this season, but it gets in your blood doesn't it ?  you just have to dig/sow/plant stuff.

Anyway, here in Shropshire the weather just isn't co-operating at all, we're just in the second week of June and it's awful.  Short sharp showers with cold blasts of wind, not what you need when you are trying to nurture young plants and seedlings.

I've been protecting some with fleece, and cloches and will hope for the best.  My beans are still in the conservatory - over 6' high now ! and still no chance of getting them outside ! one minute in this cold wind would finish them off, mind you, I have had three meals off them.

These were the first beans I planted, I have others just a few inches high, I think they will fare better.
I have put up some trellis (from the £ shop) ready for them
Here are my two 'cold frames' with more beans, lettuce, chard and broccoli trying to survive, the 'frames' are actually pallet collars, with used pieces of polycarbonate from an old conservatory for lids.  The upturned cloches at the front are for covering courgettes at night  - they're in there somewhere !

A ghostly plant under fleece.
Here are two Goji berry plants I grew from the berries a couple of years ago, but they are not happy this year, I think I will have to bring them in this winter.
An upturned plastic cloche protecting a Passion flower/fruit from the wind.  It has buds on, but seems to have been stunted, I hope it picks up again.
I decided to try some tropical climbing fruits and veggies, some apparently will do fine outside if I ever get that far, and some will be kept in the conservatory - it's a challenge anyway.

I have some 'mystery seeds' - obviously I don't know what they are, except I know they are a fruit of some sort, because I saved them from a pack of (reduced) fruit from Sainsbury's, so if I get some free climbing plants that would have been a real bargain.  They appear to be doing well.

 Here they are when I planted them in a 'mini greenhouse' - the bottom of a milk container and the top of a water bottle !

Here they are this morning, the leaves are appearing in 'rosettes' of 4/5, I can't think what it could be.

It's been an uncomfortable few days, I haven't blogged because I've not felt 'right', my big problem is really knocking on my door now and simply must be dealt with, and getting that speeding fine was the last straw.  Thanks for all your comments and advice, but I decided to take the hit and pay the fine, in my frame of mind right now, going on any sort of course would be a waste of time anyway.

I'm being held responsible for something that wasn't my fault, it's been going on for years, the authorities/powers that be won't budge an inch, all I have is my pension and I'm being harassed for money.  I know there are rules about this sort of thing, but they don't care and won't listen.  I've been losing sleep and am feeling awful.

I've taken all sorts of advice both paid for and free all to no avail, no one wants to take this on for me.  The CAB were about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike !

oh well, moan over ...


  1. Plants are looking lovely. Keep fighting on, hope you get a resolution to your problem.

    1. Thank you - can't give up, I'm between a rock and a hard place !

  2. We have been odd weather this spring also and my gardens have been through a drought, then too much rain, unusual cold weather and then sweltering heat. Life isn't easy for neither man nor garden.



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