Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Please don't forget your pets in this warm weather - and one 'very' clever cat ...

Yesterday was awful as far as weather is concerned, we were all sweltering in the oppressive heat so think how uncomfortable it must be for our pets with their fur coats on !

I had an 'incident' yesterday that scared the **** out of me, especially in the wake of losing Sopicat, I thought I was losing another.  Itty (the kitty) cat gave me a scare.  I found him upstairs breathing very rapidly, mouth wide open and panting.  He is a long haired tabby so must have been very hot.  I picked him up and his body was so hot !  I syringed some water into him, as much as I could, then got the fan and holding it close to his body, kept going over and over him hoping to cool him down.  He lay there and let me do it.  He stopped panting after about 15 minutes, I carried on cooling him for about 40 minutes.  He was worn out and he fell asleep.  I left the fan still trained on him about 12" away.

Itty the Kitty on the bed with Sopicat.

He came downstairs after about an hour looking much better but exhausted.  This was definitely a case of overheating, heat stroke in fact.  Thank goodness he responded.

It's so easy to just put water down and think that out pets will be OK, but in severe heat such as yesterday they need monitoring just as much as old or young people.

This scared me and I will be watching him and the others like a hawk now.  At the moment he is sitting on a cushion in the kitchen with the fan trained on him.  Last night, he sat in front of the fan and fell asleep, he knew he had to stay cool, now that is a very 'very' clever cat !

The kitchen was cleaned up after I got Itty settled ! and yes, I do let them sit on the worktop, it gets wiped down in bleach afterwards, so anyone worrying about germs need have no fear, if I was going to catch anything from my cats, I would have done so by now !  You can see the fur on his back being blown up by the cool air.
Panic over ! settled in front of the fan and keeping cool, the fan is working by the way.  Now that is a 'very' clever cat !
Don't forget your furry friends when you are sorting out the suncreams, floppy hats and light clothing for yourselves and families, they need extra attention too !


  1. So glad he was ok. Our late long-haired girl used to go under a bush where the sun never reached and stayed there on hot days until 10pm. I think she would have stayed there all nght if we'd let her. Our current cat is short furred and likes to sleep on our bed every day, but both our bedrooms face south. We added thermal curtain linings to those windows, we draw them in on hot days and they make a huge difference to the temperature when we have to leave him indoors. We just came home from food shopping and he was cool as a cucumber on our bed even though it's about 27 here today.

    1. Glad your kitty is coping well. I have the fan trained on Itty the Kitty now all the time ! he is in his 19th year, so needs some extra attention.
      Thank you for visiting and for your comment.

    2. Tell him he doesn't look a day over 10!



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