Monday, 16 November 2015

Darn it ... !

I buy black tights from Asda in packs of three.  I think they're £4.99 but it's been so long since I bought any I can't really remember, actually it may be packs of five.

The reason they last so long is because I darn them.  As soon as that little hole appears at the toe (it's always at the toe) I darn them with a little  black thread, it takes a couple of minutes and the tights live for many a day more.

I couldn't throw them out just for the sake of a few stitches, it's such a waste of money.  I now have about 18 pairs all in very good condition, except for the little darn here and there.  I wear them once, then wash them by hand, they're difficult to wear out ! 
When they do eventually become too worn to save, I cut them into strips and use them for garden ties.  A little darning goes a long way.
Happy Frugalling .....


  1. I too darn my tights when needed. I wear opaques between oct 1st and april 1st, and sheers in the summer [or leggings - also darned] I have not bought any new tights since I acquired a mortgage in April 2009 - but I did get posh new M&S sheers for my daughter's wedding this summer [and that was with a gift token]

    1. Good for you Angela - thanks for your comment.
      I love the reference to taking out a mortgage and not buying any new tights ! he he

  2. I wear tights all winter under my long skirts and trousers. I darn them as soon as I see a hole or run starting and even the tights with runs are good for around the house to help keep me warm in winter. I've had the same tights for about five years and hope to get lots more wear from them.

  3. i stitch up holes i sew on buttons , i patch all the daft things i was taught to do by my granny a lot of years ago . Its amazing how much 10p clothing i pick up that just needs the odd stitch ...different generations i think

    1. Not daft at all KS - very frugal.
      I also get clothes from boot sales and charity shops and even if they have a slight mark or stain I can embroider over it or add a patch and get years of wear out of it.



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