Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Goodbye vacuum - RIP ............

My vacuum finally bit the dust (if you'll pardon the pun) and I'm delighted !  It wasn't a cheap one and apparently has a lifetime guarantee if I send it back to the manufacturer - I can't be bothered to box it up and do that, so it's going to the tip this afternoon.

This isn't this model by the way, but it illustrates the situation.
So why am I delighted ? because the ***** thing kept falling over behind me and cracking me on the back of my knees ! believe me, my legs weren't the only thing that were black and blue - the air was too !  but as it was in working order I didn't feel justified in replacing it, so I've waited patiently for nearly 8 years, and in some considerable pain for it to pack up.
Another reason I'm delighted is - I'm getting a replacement for FREE !  as I said nothing to do with the lifetime guarantee, I'm going to choose another model later today and will tell you how I'm getting it for free tomorrow.
Can't get more Frugal than free .............


  1. I had a vacuum that kept falling backward and gave it to a neighbor that was always envious of me having a very expensive vacuum. I didn't tell her I got it out of a dumpster from in front of a house that was moving out of the country. I had bruises from each time the vacuum would take a tip backwards and decided to let her find out it wasn't such a great vacuum after all. Can't wait to hear you're getting a free vacuum.

  2. he he - naughty GJ - but I like your style.


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