Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hello and thank you ......

I would like to say a sincere thank you to everyone who emailed me and sent messages in the last few months.  All are greatly appreciated.

I've lost a few followers, that's a shame, but I suppose I can't blame them if they are coming back regularly and not finding anything new to read.  Having said that I am so pleased to see that there are many of you who have been coming back regularly if the stats are anything to go by, and for that, I thank you.

I am not going to dwell on what happened, it is still very raw and painful.  Unfortunately, I know I have to go through it all again in the not-too-distant future, with these two darlings:

Lady Leah1 and Itty (the Kitty)
Yes, they are sleeping on the breakfast bar, they are clean, their blankets are changed daily, they are my babies and I don't care !  if anyone doesn't like it, they don't have to come to my house.
I am being realistic, not fatalistic.  Lady Leah 1, who is Sopicat's sister, from the same litter, is in her 21st. year.  She is an adorable little old lady with a beautiful colouring and sweet nature.  She is on 5 lots of meds a day, and a monthly injection and extra treatment as and when necessary.  She has a heart murmer, weak kidneys and is now having some slight difficulty walking.
Itty (the Kitty) is in his 19th year.  He is a long haired tabby with white feet, a typical 'chocolate box' cat. What can I say about Itty ?  except he is 'off with the fairies' most of the time, a bit like a person with dementia I suppose.  He has fits, but these are under control and he manages them very well by himself.  He enjoys his food and company, and like Lady Leah1, loves company and cuddles.  I am assured that neither are in pain at the moment.
I know this can't go on for much longer, they seem to be going downhill just a little each day.  I'm trying to prepare myself, but it is impossible especially after the blow of losing Sopicat earlier this year.  I suppose this is bound to happen if  you have cats of a similar age.  I'm doing everything possible to give them comfort and love in their last days just as I did with Sopicat.  Enough of that - the tears are coming again.  You can see just how hard it has hit me.
I've been walking a lot and taking advantage of any free food and fruits that are around right now.  I have lots of new recipes and will be sharing them with you.  I love foraging, not only because it is free food, but also wild edibles contain so many more nutrients than supermarket veggies, which have had all the goodness bred out of them. 
I'm not sewing at the moment, can't concentrate still, in fact my sewing machine is on 'permanent loan' to my lovely granddaughter who has recently started a textile course at college.  She will make more use of it than me, actually, I don't have the space to leave it up all the time and all the attendant bits and pieces, that will have to wait until I have more room.
I'm knitting and crocheting right now, and have more stuff to go on Etsy, which as also been neglected for a while.  I'm also enjoying an old craft of mine which I did a lot of in the 60s/70s - macram√©.  I am making hanging pot holders, wallhangings etc., and these too are destined for Etsy.
I've treated myself to one or two kitchenny items with the money I had from selling my stuff on Ebay.  The future looks uncertain so I thought I'd get what I want whilst I can.  I'll be sharing them with you in future posts.
There are changes looming, big changes, I won't go into detail right now, the time isn't right. 
Well that's a bit of a catchup, I'll be posting regularly now, probably not as frequently as before, but regularly.
If anything good  has come out of this sad situation I suppose it's the fact that I have lost 19 lbs and am now in a size 10.
I hope  you are well.


  1. Glad to see that you're back - you take care xxx

  2. Welcome back. When grief strikes, you don't choose how hard it will hit even though you know that it might seem disproportionate to others. x

  3. Welcome back. When grief strikes, you don't choose how hard it will hit even though you know that it might seem disproportionate to others. x

  4. Hi Wean

    Nice to see you back. Try and take each day as it comes and enjoy the time you do have. I lost two on the same day An older one who we had expected to go several times outlived her arch nemesis but best pal. Poppy passed unexpectedly in the morning and Tinky 1 gave up in the afternoon and died in my arms. Its never easy but is a reality of letting love into your heart and being blessed with unconditional love from your animals. I have six at the moment. Take care.



  5. It is nice to see you on Blogger once again. I am sorry that you are going through difficult times. I hope things turn around for you soon.

  6. GLad to see you back and doing better. It's never easy to lose a beloved pet. We still have two cats, one of whom is 16 and we'll be going through it again. You hang in there and take care of yourself! We're here for you!

  7. Wean, your kitties are getting very elderly! I know just the thought of having to part with them is horrible! I am glad you are back to blogging, and yay on the weight loss!! xo Lynn



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