Saturday, 21 November 2015

Here is how I got my free vacuum ...

First of all Welcome to Sugar Ellis - what a great name, glad to have you here Sugar.  It's nice to get a new follower after losing some recently because of my absence of some weeks.

 I picked up my vacuum yesterday and now have a clean house !  Here it is:

It's smaller than I've had in the past, but this rented house is much smaller than I've had before and I don't really need one of those large uprights here.  Only the living room and stairs are carpeted, the rest is that awful wood strip flooring which I hate.

  This cleaner is BNIB as they say on Ebay, has a 700w motor and as you can see, a good range of accessories.

 I was a bit doubtful about the strength of the motor at first but I needn't have been !  I can't believe the power it has, it 'lifts' the carpet whilst cleaning it.  I would go so far as saying it is more powerful than my top of the range beast that just ended up in the tip.

I also like it because it is 'bagless' and you can see what your are picking up with it, again I was amazed at just how much dust/hairs/fibres etc., I was getting off my 'clean' carpet.  I am also going to save money by not buying bags for it.  I had to pay around £10/12 for a box of bags for my Sebo.

All ready to go:

Right, so how did I get it for free ?

As you can see it's from Sainsbury's - I collect Sainsbury's points.  At frequent intervals Sainsbury's offer a 'double up' promotion i.e. you have £20 worth of points deducted from your Nectar card, and in return get a token for £40.  The vacuum was exactly £40 normal price (even having to pay cash this machine is a snip) so after having the necessary points deducted I got it for FREE/zero/nowt/zilch !  I also got a voucher for 5 x Nectar points which, even though I didn't spend any money, were still added to my account.

Now that's what I call frugal ...

There's more about this tomorrow ...

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  1. It's hard to find a good vacuum these days. I like that this vacuum in easy to use and you don't have to buy bags all the time, it can get really expensive! It looks like the hose is pretty long, making it easy to vacuum hard to reach areas. Maybe I will buy one of these.



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