Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I was sooooo prepared ... !

There were really strong storms here last night (Shropshire) with the winds roaring and creating havoc.  There were one or two very short power cuts that came as a warning that more were to come.

I immediately started getting together my 'survival kit' which consisted of loads of candles in strategic places around the living room and kitchen, matches, a LED torch and a wind-up torch.  I also boiled the kettle and filled two large flasks ready to make hot drinks.  I made a sandwich in case I got hungry but couldn't use my electric cooker, the cats were given extra food and packets and tins left out with dishes and tin opener so I could find them in the dark.  I fetched down two large thermal throws that I keep upstairs to keep me warm with no heating and put on extra thick socks to keep my feet warm.

I even have what I call a 'twig oven' which means I can cook outside using just twigs - not a BBQ - a proper oven just like a small metal box and I was looking forward to using that !

So there I was, feeling very smug indeed - then the power came back on !  I felt cheated - after all that effort.  Never mind, I've had a 'dummy run' and know how to put stuff together should it happen again, which I feel sure it will during the worst of the Winter.

Someone told me this morning I was sick for doing all that .............. perhaps I should get out more ?

Anyway on a more serious note, there are two fencing panels down this morning in the garden and the back gate has blown off its  hinges - the landlord is going to be pleased he's not known for doing any repairs or maintenance.

I hope you are all OK and survived any storms in your area.

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