Sunday, 15 November 2015

Moving on ...

Time to move on .....

No not me, (yet),  the neighbours over the road.  Directly opposite is a large 4-bedroomed house with garage and large garden.  I don't sit in the window all day but can't help seeing who's coming and going.
When I moved here, there were 5 young men in there, it must have been a company let, they looked like mobile phone salesmen or some sort of technical whiz-kids.  After them there was a young Asian couple, they were here just over 3 years and in that time the young woman had two children, one  boy and one girl, I know that because relatives put pink or blue balloons outside.
When they moved out, another young couple moved in, while they were there the place underwent a total overhaul, the owner/landlord must have spent a fortune on it, kitchen fitters arrived, bathroom, new tiles on the roof, new garage door, garden fencing and a coat of paint.  I think the tenants must have got a cheap rent whilst all that work was going on.  Anyway they have just moved out, this weekend, and now it has gone up for sale.
If houses could talk, they could tell some stories couldn't they ?  Wonder who's next ?
Thank you for all your comments and good wishes.
(Happy Birthday to me!)


  1. Happy birthday Wean hope its a good one. Take care.



  2. Fortunately, some of the people or relatives of those people have told me stories about this house that has been here for 113 years. Of course, additions and repairs tell other stories.

    1. I believe bricks and mortar 'absorb' feelings, emotions etc., that's why we feel an 'atmosphere' when we go into strange houses.
      Thank you for your comment.

  3. i wondered where you'd gone! Happy birthday :) x

  4. Thank you SO - yes it was nice, youngest Son called around with gifts from him and the grandaughters.

  5. So glad you are back - I missed you.
    Happy Birthday.

  6. oh Carrie - what a lovely thing to say ! thank you, and thank you for coming back.



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