Saturday, 28 November 2015

Who'd have thought it .... ? so ironic ... !

Well how ironic ..... many (many) years ago when I had just moved over to Shropshire, 1978 to be exact as a young, newly divorced Mum of three, I found it hard to settle down at first.  I had never been one for nightclubs/pubs etc., but perhaps it was because I suddenly found my freedom from being tied to a destructive/abusive husband in an abusive marriage that I went a little mad - not in front of the children you understand, once a month when they went back for a weekend with their father.  I had made a couple of 'girlfriends' on the estate that I had moved into and we went out 'on the town'.  I'm not proud of it, but it's something that I had to get out of my system, I was only 18 when I married and hadn't had a social life at all.  This period didn't last long, I soon tired of it, it was never 'me'.

So where's this leading I hear you ask ?  well there was a club in a small town close to where I was living and it was open until 3 am - OMG - how shameful.  Believe me, comparing it to the antics that todays young people get up to, it was very tame indeed, but it felt very brave and daring to me !
So moving swiftly on, during the years since then I 'tried' many religions, researching and studying them, I've always been drawn to religion and believe it or not, death and what happens after !  apparently it's one of the things that are attributed to my star sign - Scorpio.

I spent many years searching, and ended up going 'very deeply' into Spiritualism because it seemed to provide the answers I needed - almost.  However, I always felt a little 'uneasy' with this, I think because there is such a thin line between Spiritualism and the Occult etc.  However, I did go on to become a Tarot Card Reader and qualified as a Healer, stages 1 and 2.

I hope you are still with me ...........

Yesterday, a guy came to fit two fencing panels that had come down in the recent storms.  He also had to come in to check the smoke alarms and fit a carbon monoxide alarm, so a little chat ensued, and I don't know how these things happen but it transpired that he was a 'healer' but not the kind that I was, bit of a long story.
He told me about his church and I was immediately drawn to what he was telling me.  It is non-denominational - I like that, it's open to everyone, all religions and creeds, colours, shapes and sizes, I like that too, they have informal gatherings during the week as well as the usual Sunday services - I also like that.

Anyway, long story short, I'm giving it a go this weekend, he said he will be there to meet me with his family - something else I like, and there is tea and biccies after - I like that.

So how are these two stories linked ?  the 'church' is now held in that self-same nightclub that I kicked my heels up in all those years ago !  ironic or what ??

(the nightclub has long since expired !)

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  1. I hope you enjoy your Sunday - do give us a report. Weekend blessings x



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