Friday, 25 December 2015

My Basket of Christmas Goodies ...

I always try to think of unusual and pretty ways to present the presents as it were !  Carrying gifts in plastic shopping bags or cardboard boxes is a bit unimaginative, so this year I used my foraging basket !

I kept to a gold theme, the paper, bows and tags all came from the 99p shop but don't look cheap at all.

I also 'prettied up' the little bags containing gift certificates with gold bows.

I added a bow to the handle and a sprig of fresh holly that was growing outside.  This presentation was very much admired.

There's always a cat trying to get in on the act !
I had some beautiful Christmas roses bought for me, enough for two vases, aren't they lovely ?
I added some Holly and Ivy to make them more Christmassy

As you can see, I was watching 'Call the Midwife'
Here is a double DVD of 'Peaky Blinders' - another present.
I absolutely loved this series, a little dark, and yes brutal in parts, but it fascinated me because it is set in old Birmingham, my home town before I moved to Shropshire.  To hear place names, shops and workplaces mentioned makes if more personal.  Also I like the 'proper' old Birmingham accent, it's gutsy and authentic - not at all like the dreadful accent that is portrayed now as 'Brummie', which is painful and embarrassing to listen too.  Anyway, looking  forward to start watching that tonight.


  1. I watched call the midwife too, at the other side of the world! Funny that eh? Your packaging and roses are lovely.

  2. I love Call the Midwife! Wean, your Christmas decor is very pretty!



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