Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Blogger rant, computer problems, some items for Etsy and some bargains ...

Well I don't know what I've done to Blogger, but it's certainly making my blogging life difficult at the moment.  Things have been disappearing, moving around and changing all on their own without so much as a 'by your leave' from me !  so if you've clicked on and found stuff all over the place, I can only apologise - it's not my fault.

To add to the techie misery, my computer has been playing up, it really does have a mind of it's own, I think it's haunted.  It does anything it wants without my permission and without my touching anything.  i.e. in the middle of an email, it will send it - so I have to send another one explaining, rather pathetically, that it was the computer, not me.

The font size will jump from tiny to enormous while my fingers are nowhere near the keyboard.

The screen freezes regularly and the only way to fix it is to go into Task Manager and temporarily remove some of the apps.

I've had Word reinstalled because the original one had expired (I think this is a con!) I've also had Norton installed, but while it seems to be detecting virus's and problems and removing them, it's slowed the whole system down a lot.

Anyway, lets move on to something a bit more cheerful, I've got more stuff for Etsy here :

Fingerless gloves/texting gloves, I like these, I hope someone else will like them enough to buy them.

More fingerless gloves with matching leg warmers, knitted in blackberry stitch, it makes a lovely chunky warm fabric.

Guess what ?  more fingerless gloves, and here are some matching legwarmers

These can be worn long, pulled up, or slouchty style.  I challenge anyone to feel depressed wearing these bright colours.

These are the recycled legwarmers I mentioned a couple of posts ago, they used to be socks but got too worn in the foot area to keep on darning.  I've been wearing these with my walking boots, and they stop the boots from rubbing the back of my ankles.

I'm knitting a lot lately, because my sewing machine is on permanent 'loan' to my darling grandaughter who is doing a textile design course at college.  Here is a picture she made for me, applique style, I love it, so when she is a famous textile designer, I can say I have one of her earlier pieces !

So here are a few more pictures taken over the Christmas period in my home :

I love this antique housekeepers cupboard, it's soooo useful with it's large interior and 6 drawers at the bottom.

The fireplace area.

This is an antique butter churn which I've had for ages and love it.  See the retro table lamp on the right ?  one just like it (but cream shades) regularly appears in Eastenders !

A sweet little wall unit hanging in my tiny hallway.

I haven't been bargain shopping for a while because my cupboards are well stocked, but I couldn't resist these :

These are enormous sized tins of peas and carrots at just £1 a tin, I had to get them.  Pretend you can't see the half bottle of wine in the background OK ?

Now I have to list some stuff on Etsy - I HATE doing that - it's such a long winded affair, which probably explains why I don't have too much stuff listed, but I have to make an effort, after all I won't sell anything if no one knows it's there will I ?


  1. As I said before, your house looks ace. I like the wood cupboard, it feel solid and steadfast. Love the gloves too, you are very talented.

  2. Hi Wean

    You have been busy. Very impressed. Also love your home you have some lovely pieces. Particularly like your housekeepers cupboard. Hope you are keeping well.

    Pattypan x

    1. Hi PP, my 'stuff' covers a multitude of sins, loads of maintenance needs doing, but not a very co-operative landlord.

    2. Hi Wean

      I know that one only too well. What repairs have been done have been done on the cheap and getting them to repair or replace things is murder. Someone is going to have to spend some serious money on this house if it is ever bought - we have been here 28 years and have told them repeatedly that the plaster is shot falls on deaf ears. Still you have some lovely pieces. Most of mine are in storage. Take care. Pattypan


  3. i too have the giant tin for a pound urge at the moment , i got potatoes just because fresh ones start to get expensive soon and theyre good for chucking in stews

    1. Hello Kate, thank you for your comment.
      I try to get these giant tins when I can, they go in the store cupboard.

  4. I happened to come to your blog from Henny Penny's and was struck by the pic of the housekeepers cabinet. What a handsome piece! But so BIG. My gosh, how many people did it take to move it into place?

    I have a similar cabinet (albeit much smaller), very tall, solid wood in a little sitting room off the kitchen. The thing that struck me was the plant you have sitting on the top. I have the very same plant (golden pothos?) sitting on the corner of mine. It's right next to a window and provides just the right amount of light. Watering it however is another story with so little room between it and the ceiling it takes several shots from a short juice glass to tip water into the pot while standing on a short step ladder brought in from the garage. Quite a complicated procedure.

    Your's is gorgeous I've never seen one like it.

    1. Hello Vic and thank you for stopping by.
      Yes the cupboard is huge and soooo useful. In my house moves it has been used in kitchens, as now, in a large hallway, and for fabric and craft equipment, I'd be lost without it.
      It took 4 men to get it into place, and as this is a very small house, I had to have a radiator removed to get it to fit against the wall ! the landlord doesn't know yet ! shhhhhh
      The plant on the cupboard, I know as 'Devils Ivy'. It grows quite fast and I've taken some cuttings from it. I have another in the living room that has grown so large, it now climbs up the wall and over the curtain rail - a sort of 'living pelmet' - I'll post some pics of that soon.
      Take care

  5. Hi, Wean! Sorry about the computer problems. I know what a headache that can be!! Love the continued home tour.


    1. Hello Lynn, I hope the 'puter' will behave itself now ! take care



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