Friday, 1 January 2016

I am a Spice Girl - welcome to my world.

I am 95% vegetarian - that means I only eat meat (turkey) at Christmas.  The rest of the time I eat loads of veggies, mostly foraged for free, then dried, frozen or made into dishes.
I am not vegan, I eat cheese, eggs and milk.

Having a well stocked 'spice cupboard' is essential with this type of cooking to add flavours to what can sometimes be bland food.  I have a very well stocked 'spice corner' in my home, I'll show you :

As you can see, I keep my spices, nuts, seeds etc., in glass jars, usually Kilner, but if I see some cheap in a charity shop, I will pick them up.  The large one on the floor holds pasta, it only cost 10p.  Some of the other ingredients include, Goji berries, Pollen, dried Cranberries (on the floor).
Moving up there is Cashew nuts, dried pine needs, for my pine needle tea, Rosemary, Liqourice and dried dock seeds (I add these to baked goods, pastries etc., for extra nutrition).   At the back of that level is a jar containing green tea bags (I make Kombucha), a large pot of sunflower seeds and extra Rosemary.
Up again, there is whole and ground linseeds, whole and ground millet, whole and ground alfafa, as well as Plantain seeds, gathered locally and dried.  I use them whole and ground, again added to baked goods.
Going up - to floor : Green lentils, dried powdered milk, red lentils, chick peas, unsulphured dried apricots (I make a tonic from these, so rich in iron), rice, yellow split peas, dried peas and a pot containing stock cubes.  There's a plant on there too - I'm a plant-a-holic.
On here there are dried figs, Chia seeds, Bee Bread, Turmeric and a huge jar of dried carrot, I use this a lot in soups, stews etc., it adds loads of Vit A and acts as a thickener too.  On the top is a container full of green lentils (I love lentils) and a jar of green Pumpkin seeds.  On the shelving unit is a carousel of herbs and spices.
You can see a jar of cornflour on top here (I make my own custard).
See the basket underneath the unit on the floor ?  that's full of packages of ingredients, ready to go into the jars.
I keep my eggs in a little basket (you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl !)  In those jars with the covers are Kombucha and Kefir which I make in quantity and use in lots of different ways.  I'll post about those another time.
The dark unit that holds most of the jars is antique - it dates back from the 1920's, it came from one of those 'posh' little tea-shops, with waitresses wearing black dresses and starched white aprons and served you 'high tea' at your table.  It's on castors, and would have been pushed around the café or tea shop laden with baked goodies to tempt you.
I would say here, that it would cost a great deal of money to try to get a stock like this all at once, and I could never have done it that way.  I have bought bits here and there when I could afford them and built up my supply.  I quite often buy from Ebay when I have sold something.  You will get the best prices on Ebay, but do check, and if there are more than offering the same price, be sure to get the one with free postage.
I have another large cupboard full of home-dehydrated goodies and extras, I'll show you that another time.
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour around 'spice corner'/
Happy New Year to you all, and thank you for visiting and reading my ramblings.


  1. I do love a nosey, enjoyed seeing a snippet of your home, I love jars, I have lots of spices and herbs, I do need lots more jars so I can sort out and get organised, I will keep my eyes peeled when the boot sales start again in Spring, Happy New Year x

  2. I love your arrangement in your home, it looks very enticing.

  3. All your jars look so nice, but I'm mostly jealous of your houseplants! I'm also a houseplantaholic! :D

  4. Really enjoyed the spice tour! I need to get back into mine more. My life has changed so much, habits and rituals are changing. But some things should stay the same!



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