Monday, 11 January 2016

Off with the Fairies again ....... (and more bargains)

That's not me, it's the computer again - doing it's own thing.
I've had to have Word re-installed and also Norton Security, and between the two of them it seems my computer couldn't stand the shock !  I've been offline for two days and another day trying to get it to co-operate, hope it's OK now.

Anyway, I got some lovely pictures from a local charity shop, here :

They're pictures of old embroideries, prints, not the real thing, if they were, we'd be talking hundreds of pounds !  but they're lovely anyway, they only cost £3.99 each

On the back is a label, they were originally from Harrods, and cost £29.99 each - I'm well pleased with these finds

I got a genuine Victorian picture too, it's three small pictures on one frame

It only cost £2.99 - another great bargain.  I won't put these up in my present house, I'll stash them away until I move later this year.

I also picked up a hand knitted blanket for 50p - now there's sooooo much yarn in it and it's very  Someone has spent a lot of time and effort not to mention the yarn to make this, but I am unpicking it to re-use the yarn.

It's been sewn up with an unusual stitch which means I can't unpick it very quickly, I have to cut through each individual stitch, I put all these little bits together and they looked so good I'm saving them for a future project (waste not want not)

My Christmas flowers are almost at an end, they lasted really well, here's what is left of two large vases full

I've made another pair of wristwarmers for Etsy (eventually!)

Here's another couple of pieces from my home you might like to see, first is a lovely Morroccon (sp?) mirror, it has a metal grid on the front, the price ticket is still on because I've never had it hung in the house, it's been in the shed, I brought it in recently because it was beginning to get damp.  Also here is an Indian carved horse made from one solid piece of wood, it's very heavy.

It looks like he's watching the television.  See the scratching on the unit ?  I have to sandpaper that down and put a little stain on it'  It's Edwardian, so worth the effort.  The cats don't appreciate it though.

That's my waffle for today, hope you are all well.


  1. Lovely pictures, if you Ebayed them I think you would have a good profit x

    1. I have given up Ebaying, I sold some unwanted stuff but there are too many problems, Ebay changing their rules, awkward buyers etc.,
      Thank you for your comment

  2. That looks like quite a bit of work to unravel that blanket. It is nice that you can remove the yarn and make some new creations out of them.

    1. I will work on it - little at a time in between other projects - I'll do it eventually.
      Hope you are well



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