Thursday, 21 January 2016

Over £2,800 a month from blogging ? ... well done that man !

I read a post recently on Skint Dad's blog saying how he had made over £2,800 a month from his blog (he provided evidence).  Well that's pretty impressive don't you think ?  I don't know many people who earn that from a 'proper' job let alone blogging.

Admittedly, it's not all from ads although a sizeable amount is, he also has affiliate ads on his blog, he offers his freelance writing services and more.

Now while I'm full of admiration (read 'envy') for what he's doing, I'm at a loss as to how it's done, I mean I have ads here on my blog, and I'm lucky, very lucky, if I make 5p a day, yes you read that right, a day !  sometimes I can go a whole week without earning anything.  Sometimes I think I will take the ads off because I'm not earning any money from them, but I think they add to the blog with a little more interest, and I'm the eternal optimist (I won't rely on them to pay for my food though, I'd have starved ages ago !)

 I use Google adsense, you don't have much of a say as to what ads appear on your blog, but on the whole they seem to relate to what is written.

I also have a few affiliate ads on here in the right side bar, and from them I get the princely sum of :  nowt, zero, zilch, nada, nuffin'.  Surely someone must be interested ?  oh well ....

I can only assume that there are readers who click on ads, and those who don't.

Do you use Adsense or affiliate ads ?  I'd love to know if it works for  you.

Anyway, hats off to Skint Dad - well done that man !


  1. No, sorry to say I don't click on any ads on blogs, in fact generally speaking I don't like seeing ads on blogs. That's just my personal opinion though. I don't have ads on my blog and have no intention of ever having them. But each to their own, if they make you a bit of money well done. Every little helps!

    1. Hello Sooze, hope you are wel.
      I'm the opposite to you, I always click on ads on a site I like, it's my way of saying 'thank you' to the blogger if I have enjoyed their blog, taken a recipe, a hint or tip, or a crafting technique. Every little helps !

    2. But you do have an affiliate ad on your blog Sooz - for Ecotricity - where you get £50 if someone signs up from your blog ??

  2. I think niche blogs and websites make more money. The ads needs to be relevant to the content on the blog and they need to be strategically placed. To some viewers it can make them feel like they are being "tricked" into clicking. Most readers find that unattractive. I do utilize Google Adsense but truly do NOT rely on any money from that. I don't "work it" as a source of income. You have to have a large amount of traffic and a good conversion rate on ads and affiliate links. If only 200 people come by your blog and you convince only 1 person to click or buy, that is not great. If you have 1000 visitors a day and convince 100 people to click or buy, you have something really going on. I am probably not helping much. I have been paid outright before to place 200x200 pixel ads on my site for a year's time. That is a good source of income. But I do not often get that. Rare, in fact. I had that more when I had a niche website about homeschooling.

    1. Hello Lynn, I agree about niche blogs, they are there usually for business anyway, but as per my reply to the previous poster, I always click on an ad to show my appreciation to the author who has gone to the trouble of posting something interesting, I consider it to be good manners and I know it will help them in a small way.
      As you say it's a goog job we don't depend on any revenue from blogging though.

    2. P.S. - meant to say that another reason I do it is because it doesn't cost me anything and I don't have to buy any of the products and it's nice to help fellow bloggers.

    3. I hear you. The only thing about it is that Google monitors stuff like that and if multiple clicks come from one place on the same blog all the time it can lead to penalty/banning by Google if they think it is being done on purpose. Just a thought.

    4. PS - I love it when a Google ad truly matches my content and sends people to where I would want to go. Like if I post about vintage clothing and the ad sends viewers to an awesome site with great clothing. It makes me feel good. I know there is a real person behind the ad, paying money to get shoppers. They have a budget and they are advertising.

    5. Yes, that's a difficult one about the multiple clicks. I had a follower once who liked my blog and clicked on more than one ad per visit, and my earnings were disqualified by the God Google.
      Not fair really, if someone is really interested in something - but that's the way it goes.
      thank you for your comments.

  3. Hello. I think the writing style of a blogger is an indication of whether the blogger is a true blogger writing a diary about their everyday life and experiences, or if it's a money making business which is written in the style of magazine articles. Skint Dad writes articles which might appear in any magazine or newspaper, not the type of blog I want to read. He enters for awards, and wins, he puts himself out there in the media, Facebook, Twitter, anywhere he can.

    To earn money at blogging you have to look on it as a job, spend time on it, do product and service reviews, get sponsorship and sell advertising space. But the main job is to spend time constructing interesting copy that people want to read. Getting yourself high in the page views rankings is about using buzz words that search engines will pick up on.

  4. Yes of course, SD has made it his business, his full time job. He must be glued to the computer I should think. It's true that you have to 'work' a blog to get results, I'm not prepared to do that nor am I prepared to give up my life to sit in front of the computer either, but as I said in my post, I admire him for what he has done, but it's not for me.

  5. Hi there, thought I would pop over firstly to say hello and secondly thanks for writing about my income report.

    I'm not sure how much advice I can give but what I can tell you is that I never set out to make money from my site. It sort of just happened.

    I think the main thing that's helped me get where I am is by just trying everything to see what works.

    A lot of the time I will look through my analytics to see what posts do well (whether that's through affiliate or display advertising) and then try to replicate that within fresh content.

    Another thing I've done is try to build multiple streams of income. Freelance writing, adsense, affiliates, working with brands etc. I've done this so even if the growth in each one is slow, eventually it will start to snowball and turn into something (hopefully) special.

    In terms of how much time I spend on the blog you might be surprised when I tell you it's not a huge amount. With my wife working full-time it's up to me to look after the children and take care of the house so often I will only spend 4 or 5 hours a day on Skint Dad. Hopefully this will start to change when my youngest starts school in September.

    If you have any specific questions I'd be happy to try and answer them.

    PS You have a fab blog! :)

    1. Hello Ricky and thank you so much for taking the time to 'drop in' and comment, I appreciate it.
      Whatever you are doing, you are doing it right and are an inspiration! you have achieved great success with your blog, you obviously work hard at it and deserve every penny you earn. As I've said before - well done.
      Thank you for the compliment about my blog, but I fear I will never be in your 'league'.
      Once again, thank you for your visit (and advice). I am starting another blog very soon, and will try to implement some of your suggestions.



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