Friday, 12 February 2016

Any computer whizz-kids out there - I need help !

Can anyone offer any suggestions/help/advice please ?

Blogger is loading so slow it's almost in reverse, it's driving me crazy !  I can click on something then go away and put the kettle on while it's thinking about it (I'm NOT kidding) clicking on the internal links is responding at the same rate.  (think driving down the motorway in first gear instead of 5th and you'll get the idea of how frustrating this is)

I've removed all adds and unwanted gadgets to see if it makes any difference - but it hasn't.

The Etsy shop and the e-book info have been there since before this slow down, so I know it's not them and I don't want to remove them, it took too much effort to get them there in the first place.

I've removed ad-blocker too because sometimes this can slow things down.

I've cleared out the cache and browsing history and removed unwanted apps and programmes.

I have some crochet work by the computer now, and I've got into the habit of doing some work on that while I'm waiting for responses !

It's not my broadband speed, there is a PC in the house that works fine (I'm on a laptop) but I can't always use that, and anyway anything else I search for or use the www for responds quite quickly, so it's just Blogger.

Please don't suggest contacting them, they never reply.

I'm really feeling like not bothering to post any more because it takes up so much of my time.

Does anyone know of a reason this is happening, has it happened to you ?

Any comments welcomed.
Thank you


  1. Have you defragged the hard disc?

    1. No, I don't know why I didn't think of that - duh ! thank you

  2. When my browser seems to be 'going backwards', I find it is not the computers fault, but the wifi (or modem). I go over to the unit where it attached to the line and push the red reset button. Within a minute or two the wifi is 'flushed' and my browser now hums along.

    1. I'll try that too, thank you for that.



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