Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Buy fresh produce on offer and save money ...

I got a great bargain on mushrooms last night, they were still very fresh and firm and a ridiculous price - the bags were marked 10p per kilo, now that's fantastic anyway, but the bags came in at under a kilo, about 3/4 kilo each and were 6p a bag !  yes that's right 6p !!  I got three.

I decided to slice one bag full and dehydrate them for future use in stews, casseroles, soups etc., easily added to the slow cooker, they won't need rehydrating first if they're added to the cooking liquid.

Just starting to fill the trays.  Mushrooms are best sliced thinly because of the moisture content, they take a long time to dry out.

I filled four trays, one is underneath at the back, and there was one tray of kale to go in.

They took about 6 hours at 55 degrees, that made them nice and crispy.

Here's the finished result - four trays didn't quite fill one large jar.  I love seeing dry food in jars.

I'll be cooking the other two bags tonight and tomorrow, I'll let you know what I'll be doing with them.


  1. I don't have a dehydrator, so I chop and freeze mushrooms in plastic bags. They do clump together so I just give the bag a few bashes on the worktop and the pieces separate. I generally buy a tub of value mushrooms and watch something on iplayer while I sit and process them; the last lot of value ones were chestnut mushrooms.

  2. Thank you for such an interesting idea. I never tried dehydrating mushrooms. Interesting to try!

  3. I love your pictures. It is funny how pictures of fresh food can look so much more appealing than pictures of cooked or processed food. The colors are rich in the plants so you must have a great place to grow them. I have tried to grow mushrooms before but I found that it was difficult to keep the climate.

    Catherine Strickland @ Market At The Fareway



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