Thursday, 25 February 2016

Life is happening ...

Back again after a few days 'off'.

Life is happening - nothing I can talk about just yet, all will be revealed in the fullness of time though.

Anyway, a couple of posts ago I told you about my bumper bags of mushrooms for just 6p each, I dehydrated a lot and have them stored, but have used some in a lovely stew.

I dehydrated another bag and then ground them to a powder, absolutely delicious added to soups and a spoonful to gravy is sublime !  dried foods retain and actually increase all the flavours so you don't need as much as fresh.  I've also put a spoonful of dried mushrooms in a smoothie and it was delicious.

Here is a nice little jar of dried, ground, powdered mushrooms, I used my smoother maker for these, and it worked perfectly.

With the third bag I made fresh mushroom soups x 3 lots, and two mushroom crumbles which, of course, I forgot to photograph.

I 'scored' again a couple of days ago, this time with bananas, these worked out at 10p a bag of well over 2.5 kg each.

I dried some ...

cut into various shapes as you can see (I get bored quickly), they, like the mushrooms, need to be sliced quite thinly because of the high moisture content, and must be totally dry before trying to grind them or they will turn to banana toffee, not bad actually, but not if you want it for sprinkling as I did;  Add a spoonful to your breakfast cereal, smoothie or on yoghurt or ice-cream, oh my, such an intense banana flavour - I'm dribbling while writing this.

When you get bargain reduced bananas, there's always one or two with brown skins, don't be tempted to throw them out !  they are absolutely the best ones for smoothies, the flavour is fully developed.  If you don't want to use them immediately, wrap them in foil and freeze, actually they give a much creamier consistency if you use them from frozen.

It's been cold early mornings just lately so I got the cats one of those halogen heaters to keep them warm, I think they like it :

This is Thug (aka Rasputin) a perfect name for him !  The other cats do get a look in by the way, but they were eating when I took these pics.  It was hilarious watching him follow the heater around when it was oscillating, waiting for it to stop - I stopped it eventually, he couldn't understand it - his name should be 'Thick'.

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  1. I love using dehydrated mushrooms. They are great for soups and better than running out to get fresh ones every time I need them.



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